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  1. COD MW2 WTF

    I actually love going back and playing this game. I dunno just love the feel of it and the amount of single shot rifles means you have to be pretty decent (if you are a assault/rifle person).
  2. Crysis 2

    I think the full game hits like march/april..
  3. COD 7: Black Ops

    I run it on the 360 and can't say I have that many problems with it. First strike looks awesome. And LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NQSX7Mne3A&feature=related
  4. Crysis 2

    So Crysis 2 demo is out for download..... Who is getting it and what are your thoughts? I am a big COD player and for me, I hate the way it kind of blurs when you look around. Also when you are shooting at someone, there are no hit markers as such and it is hard to tell when you are actually getting a hit on someone. Other than that the graphics look amazing, I'd say it will be one I will be purchasing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3fNgTkOeGQ
  5. COD 7: Black Ops

    My favourite class; Galil with silencer and red dot. CZ75 extended mags. Willy pete (smoke) Semtex (x2 with warlord pro) Claymore Ghost pro Warlord pro Ninja pro Add me on xbox live - Kabarie
  6. COD 7: Black Ops

    Nah, they do hit but it doesn't look it in the videos. The theatre mode allows for everyones lag in the game so someone with say a red connection, and another with green connection, and will go somewhere in the middle if that makes sense.
  7. COD 7: Black Ops

    Dunno if you guys have heard of this chick (ireapzz). But damn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek56IOSupZw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmFFnTI39wo&feature=related
  8. Who thinks a PS3 Controller is SH&T?

    PS3 owners who hate the controllers but love the 360 ones? Then buy this... My link
  9. Daijiro Inada and Keichi Tsuchiya quit D1GP

    I disagree, AE86's still have it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC4vr9JWt4k
  10. Hey guys I have a problem. My NAT settings say it is open, but matchmaking is still slow, any ideas?
  11. New Xbox 360

    Dunno if you have seen this but it is pretty impressive... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t09AQ_OlDGY
  12. I need my cod 4 back from my mate. Haven't played it in ages... Anyone got GH:Metallica? If so add me I Decimator I I have been thrashing it heaps lately...
  13. Xbox 360 elite or PS3

    I'm sure the PS3 won't get a free 3 year warranty. Plus there is a common problem arising for the PS3's. Quite simply if you like multiplayer online gaming, the 360 wins hands down. Sure you have to pay for a yearly subscription but it is worlds above the PS3 in it's offerings. To be honest the only reason you would buy a PS3 would be for things like Gran Turismo or Metal Gear Solid or games that are sony exclusive.. The graphics are basically the same. The game developers always make the game for the 360 (it is much easier to do so as the PS3 is much harder to make games for) and then port it to the PS3.