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  1. Genuine JDM high quality lightweight racing wheels with low offset and great fitment. Black centre with polished lip. Immaculate condition with all stickers in place. Two tyres are toasted Full set, SMS or call for more details and pics $1899 SMS or call for more details or pics Wil 04doubleeight 121898
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  4. What are the weights of the XXR whels? Are these cast aluminium?
  5. Where to cruise?

    sweet thanks mate
  6. Hey peeps, I was wandering where there is a nice hill run to do.. I have no idea where to go as I am from adelaide where the adelaide hills are unreal and easy accessible for spirited driving!! Pm me if any1 can help.
  7. DC2R Vs. DC5R

    I've driven a dc2 type r and it was wicked to drive for a fwd na car and i've also driven a new dc5 type s because i was considering buying one and was so dissapointed, i know it's not a dc5 type r but the type s is meant to be a better car? DC2 is better for race spec thus more fun! but nothing compared to a turbo rwd!!