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  1. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    I see nothings changed in 2 years
  2. NHL

    Usally it goes off for the home team.
  3. Viski's the man for the job. He shouldn't be too busy atm.
  4. Victorian Imports Club Official event #2

    Nah I suggest it be held in the mens bathroom, the piss on the floor will make it a fairer fight. Dammmm Rob, I think where too old for to get in these days.
  5. NHL

    Olympics this month, who will take gold in hockey? Also it's a pretty excitng year here in Victoria. We are finally getting our new rink which will be finished this month. http://www.icehockeyvictoria.org.au/ http://www.icehouse.com.au/
  6. Wheel alignment places in melbourne

    Neil try Beaurepairs in Brighton, I know Athids old 180 used to get done there.
  7. Any good new games on ps3

    NHL 09 is the best sports game out.
  8. NHL

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2008/2009 Stanley Cup Champions defeating the Detroit Red Wings 2 - 1 in game 7.
  9. NHL

    Game 7 on today 10 am. I hope the Pens beat the wings. Anyone follow the AIHL?
  10. State Wide Bushfire's

    R.I.P To all lives lost, not a good way to start 2009.
  11. Travs new 350Z ........

    Trav Rules. Good luck mate.
  12. Hulk alike thead

    Lol he's gonna love you now Neil.
  13. who here likes bmx

    So who won GOLD?
  14. Hulk alike thead

  15. JustCars Online Quote

    Ohhhh but I have a question about insurance shut up,.... u work there too so u can answer your own shit justin!!!! lol how is ya champ... lol Ben Henrys i'll rephrase that for you, WORKED is what you should of used How is work going anyway?