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  1. RWC

    Thanks mate. I'll contact them tomorrow.
  2. RWC

    Hi everyone, long time no see! Just looking for any recommendations to have a Roadworthy done. Some one used to seeing modified cars preferably. PM me details. Thanks in advance, Mark
  3. I jump on here every now and then, just to see what I'm missing out on. Got a fourby atm. I've gone from not being able to get into some car parks because I'm too low, to not getting in because i'm too high , lol. I definitely agree that the scene has died down a bit. I know mates that aren't active but still come on here for DIY info. Oh, "Platinum Member" now? haha
  4. Hey thanks mate will look them up for sure... Can't beat first hand info !!! No probs. Just book ahead as they get pretty busy.
  5. Been with a few on the GC. Cannot recommend Matt and AJ at http://fishthedeep.com.au/welcome/ enough and would not go out with anyone else. Tackle, Bait, Water/Soft drinks, Light Morning Tea then Lunch included. AJ even guts and gills the fish as soon as they're landed. Ziptie through the lip with your colour for the day and then put on ice. Maybe I like them because they ziptie the fish!? lol. They're great as they are proactive and don't waste time anchoring. They will find a good spot and will repeatedly drift over it until the action stops. They are a little more expensive than others but well worth it. Only 4 of us from the photo fished as the other two were too sea sick haha.
  6. Made it to "Albums Of The Week"! http://www.facebook....49123539&type=1
  7. Thanks mate, that's encouraging. So much to learn!
  8. Offical Go-Pro Thread

    My first video/ edit with GoPro HD For Interior footage looking through the windscreen, I mounted the GoPro using the suction cup on the interior light, using the Upside Down Mode and removed the Rearview mirror. &ap=%2526fmt%3D18"> &ap=%2526fmt%3D18" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="480" height="360">
  9. Hi NS, Has anyone else entered this comp? Provide a link so we can check it out and like your Album. I've only started getting into Photography late last year after selling my 180, and still have a lot to learn! This is the first time i've submitted pictures for a comp: http://iam.nikon-asi...life.php?id=784 And http://iam.nikon-asi...life.php?id=814 Let me know what you think and Like my Albums if you think they're ok. The amount of likes doesn't determine the winner.
  10. If I have the day off, i'd definitely be up for a meet . Just minus a Nissan now a days. Been way too long! Things do change as you get older...

    Spotted a two tone cream s13 out the front of Mazda in southport this morning as I dropped off the 6 for bushes to be replaced. I think the owner works at Mazda?
  12. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Holy massive pics batman! Lol. Can't see em on the iPhone. This is a great thread and almost makes me dust off my tank and setting it up for Marine. Miss my baby Barras I had in there. Boy, could they eat!! Ahahha

    Love my GoPro. What do you use to edit footage? As for keeping on topic....i miss my 180!
  14. Building Up my S15 to beat RS Turbo Subaru

    Great vid! Rocker arm stoppers? Not that expensive. So no date for the race yet?

    Wish I knew. Going to have break for a while. I don't really have much time to enjoy let alone modify a car atm