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  1. TIEN Monoflex Coilovers & 350z 18" Rims

    Rims are now sold. Coilovers still for sale. Make me an offer!!!!
  2. Hi Guys, Got the below for sale. All items are pickup from Campbelltown NSW area only. Item: TIEN Monoflex Coilovers Description: The coilovers are TIEN Monoflex - no not type flex, no not mono sport they are MONO FLEX! (https://www.vividracing.com/catalog/tein-mono-flex-coilover-system-nissan-240sx-s13-8994-p-56296.html). These were purchased in 2010 for my weekender at a cost of AU$3200.00 and as you can see in the link still sell for over US$2000.00. They have probably only done about 20,000km max due to the weekender not being used all that much. No leaks, etc... they are still in as new condition and come with C-Spanners, manuals, little can of lube and even the original sticker pack! These are great for the track or road and at this price much better than the Chinese cheapies! Spring rates F:7kg and R:5kg Price: $900 Location: Campbeltown NSW Willing to post?: No Contact: Via PM or reply in thread Item: 350z 18 x 8" 30mm Offset Description: Rims only, no tyres. What you see is what you get, they are all straight but have various levels of gutter rash. Look great on Silvia's, just need some cosmetic repair to be perfect. Price: $100 Location, Contact, Post as above.
  3. S13 SR20DET A/C Dryer?

    I have 1 x brand new Compressor, 1 x Brand new drier and 1 x brand new condenser. All genuine from Nissan. I got them for a rebuild that I was doing, but ended up doing a re-shell into an S14 so don't need them any more. Everything yours for $1000 (negotiable). Let me know if your interested, I've got the receipts for all the parts floating around somewhere as well. all to suit S13 obviously....
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking at buying a set of Ikeya Formula Rear Upper arms to sort out rear camber. Now Ikeya Formula sell a 'positive' type and a 'negative' type, and there is absolutely nowhere that I have searched - including the Ikeya Formula Website - that can tell me that adjustment range of either version of the arms! I want to be able to correct the camber to close to 0deg for the street and still be able to set a decent amount of negative camber for when I feel like having a bit of fun... Does anyone here own a set of either positive or negative type upper arms, and can let me know what sort of adjustment they are getting out of them? Cheers!
  5. You make it sound like people just wake up one morning and decide that they want to by gay.
  6. EPA

    Yeah, changing plates won't help, as they have records even when out of rego. The RTA site isn't clear about whether EPA/defects are dropped when deregistered, however knowing NSW, you'll probably get f*cked harder than replacing the parts and clearing the defect. I personally don't allow my car to run out of rego just due to the 'import factor'. http://www.rta.nsw.g...heck/index.html http://www.rta.nsw.g...ndex.html#ASCIS Call the RTA and confirm what happens in relation to EPA notices on deregistration, requirements for a modified import to get blueslip, and what cashback you get when you elect to deregister. The easiest option could be to buy the cheapest stock 200sx you can find, drop it's stock gear in, clear the EPA, put your crap back, then sell the spare car. At least that way you have everything you need, you'll get it fast and know it all works. The catch is the initial outlay, time to sell it, and transfer of ownership costs. Tinker with the stock FPR lines to reduce fuel pressure slightly to lean it out a little, and it should pass ok on a stock tune. The alternative is to smash the classifieds and try to gather all the parts you need now, that way you'll be set should an EPA come in the mail, or for the next time. I can sell you a stock S13 sidemount intercooler for cheap, if that helps you at all. No factory bov though. Rubbish.... I got my car with modifications through Engineering, DECC Noise and Anti-tampering check and a Blue Slip not too long ago and the process was completely smooth and trouble free. This was under the old ECS scheme so things may have changed a little, but I wouldn't imagine they have changed too much in regards to the DECC specific stuff. I got defected quite a while ago for not having anything certified, though my modifications were legal. Got a DECC notice, and due to family issues couldn't get it cleared in time so my car ended up de-registering (Do this as soon as possible if this is something you plan on doing as you get the remainder of your Rego fee's back, likewise for greenslip). I got through DECC inspection with: - Full 3" exhaust (Catco compliance cat, mid muffler, muffler). Tested 82db max on acceleration and 88db on decel - Custom airbox (well designed, using a dry pod and engineered to noise standards) - Front mount - Nistune - 740cc injectors - etc... The DECC don't car about your other modifications only emissions specific - So things like non-plumback BOV, Intercooler, Loud exhaust, un-boxed POD and non-compliant airbox, catch cans that vent, etc.... If you do things properly then you wont have any issues. I remember being freaked out before going through the entire process after all of the horror stories posted online about how hard it is to get through everything, but now that I have done it I really can't understand what all the fuss was about. The IM240 is also not that difficult to pass, I did it first go on 98 unleaded. The advice I got from the tuner (Unigroup) was to get a new O2 sensor and make sure that I was using a compliance cat. Passing the IM240 with cams is not a problem as long as you aren't running anything too extreme. I don't know if you will need to do the IM240 to get all your mods through, you should ask one of the inspectors. Also, I went to the guy in Campbeltown. He was a good bloke and was very professional while he did his inspection.
  7. Price : $250 Condition : Used Location: Liverpool NSW (Will post parts at buyers expense) Contact: PM me for more info, pics, or to arrange purchase Bride SuperLow Rails (Bottom Mount) Drivers + Passenger - $250 Excellent condition, get your seats as low to the floor as possible. Suits S13, S14 and S15. Turbosmart Type II Vee Port BOV - $50 In excellent condition, awesome sound! Nardi Classic steering wheel + Horn Button - $100 SOLD Minor signs of wear, still looks and feels great. No boss kit. Splitfire Boost Gauge + Chrome Gauge Cup - $50 In excellent condition. 58mm, up to 20psi. Perfect for mounting in lower A pillar. Lights up a light green colour as shown. Stainless Steel Low Mount Manifold for SR20DET - $100 SOLD Says HKS on it, not sure if it is genuine or not hence the low price. Clear Indicators for 180sx - $50
  8. ISP's can't just decrypt all data on the fly any way. While man in the middle attacks on protocols such as https through firewall/router appliances are especially easy for ISP's to setup (i.e. mandatory filtering style systems), there are plenty of encryption+authentication protocols out there that could not be easily decrypted. This part of the legislation is meant to target people who have for example an encrypted archive or HDD that ASIO or the police want to look into. Refusing to decrypt said data is what they want to avoid, as it isn't really illegal to do so at the moment. This has some advantages and some disadvantages. I.e. A child porn watching scumbag may encrypt his files in an encrypted archive making it harder for additional evidence to be gathered. Making it a crime to refuse to decrypt said archive would mean at the very least said scumbag gets charged with something on top of whatever else they have. On the downside I have encrypted archives on my portable drives and computer that I obviously don't want people to access that contain data of a business nature. Having to decrypt them at someone's request without really good reason would peeve me no end, not to mention the obvious violation of something I clearly consider especially private! There's also interesting implications for government workers who may have confidential, restricted, or higher data in their possession which is encrytped while being in plain clothes or off duty (such as at airports, etc...). Will these people be charged when they tell someone who shouldn't be looking at this data to politely f**k right off?
  9. Good experiences with cops

    I got defected by MF HWP on Northern Road and they aren't all that bad. I got done for BOV not plumbed in, pod, aftermarket steering wheel, racing seats not comply, and intercooler not comply. They guy was reasonable and wasn't an arse, and in the grand scheme of things they were all defects. Fined me for the BOV and the seats and sent me to DECC for an inspection + full blueslip. As a result I changed several things, got the car engineered, emissions tested and passed DECC inspection with all modifications. It's not like they are out to get us, they just know that we are easy targets because so many of us modify our cars outside of the law. Such is life really, just need to take the kick in the bum as motivation to get modifications certified and compliant it's really not that hard.
  10. Your a gem Cheers Mate!
  11. Nope not in here either. See here for screens: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=511356 *edit: Is there different security settings or something that could be stopping me from posting attachemnts?
  12. I went into the full editor however I only get the "Options" pane and not the "attachments" pane. I am also not able to attach images if I go to add a reply to that thread.... I just made sure it wasn't my browser or brain letting me down and I can post attachments just fine in other threads, like the pics of the day, etc... so is there any other way lol
  13. Big fat fail on trying to edit the images in place by changing the attachment tags (I can't add new attachments when editing either).... Any chance a mod could perform the following swaps with my attachments? attachment=85357:Connectors.jpg -> attachment=372521:Connector_Pins.jpg attachment=85937:BigWhCon.jpg -> attachment=372522:big_white_con.jpg attachment=85939:MedCon.jpg -> attachment=372524:med_white_con.jpg attachment=85941:SmallCon.jpg -> attachment=372525:small_white_con.jpg attachment=85940:Thermistor.jpg -> attachment=372526:thermistor_con.jpg attachment=86089:BlueRelay.jpg -> attachment=372523:blue_relay.jpg
  14. Bugger - O well... I'll try and attach the low-res screenshot versions I have - can still see things well enough.