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  1. Up for sale is my sr20det turbo setup Consists on a hks 2510 turbo, kinugawa exhaust manifold, was installed with new nuts and bolts with genuine Nissan tabs to keep it secure and good quality gasket (comes with and still assembled to manifold) only used for about 10 track days (half days 8am-12pm) Only ran 16psi threw it and made 180kw ATM with a mountain of response and torque, fully standand motor Any research shows this is labeled as the ultimate sr20 turbo and is rated to 320hp Was removed from the car 5/7/14 and have video of it running ect Only upgraded cause going e85 and larger turbo $900 Walbro intank pump non e85, in s13 fuel tank cradle ready for use, legit pump not fake $110 Gktech power brace brand new never fitted $50 Manuel tyre changer brand new never used $50
  2. R200 Diff Ratios

    Thinking of sellin my 4.6 gear set what are they worth?
  3. He made the end bracket longer rod is still same length from what I gather, think I need to do this to mine my clutch just feels like it isn't fully engaging, but with old slave n master
  4. higher coolant temp puzzle?

    I just went through this exact problem, was hitting 125deg on idle, heat wrapped my whole coolant neck n sensor in it n dropped down to 82deg, going to make a little heat shield aswell to be sure, eBay sells exhaust wrap hell cheap
  5. Car didn't have the loop already, there's a 12mm I think nut behind the clutch pedal release that remove the pin n wind it out I think can't remember which way that moves your pedal. And bleed till there's 100% no air Il bleed mine today n then recheck pedal, my drivers front caliper bleed nipple is seized to so brakes feel like shit fml lol
  6. It was grabbing very high almost like it needed more to come up but moved grab point lower but it's just so soft n floppy Will check for the loop that's normally a hard line ?
  7. Hey guys put a cushion button clutch in my car (s13 sr20det) it holds power fine from what I can tell but the pedals just so soft it's hard to feel it, being so soft it just doesn't feel like it engages correct it's bit notchy n now crunches fifth, clutch was bled before setting the pivot point could that be the prob? The standard clutch is heavy compared to it now haha Any help or advice would be sweet
  8. How much for a pair of SPL1 16x9+17 5x114.3 delivered to 4305 QLD ?
  9. R200 Diff Ratios

    I just bought 4.6 diff gears with no center. Was going to take it to a diff shop so the back lash is set right would they have the different sized bolts if it needs them ? I'm running a s14 turbo manual diff ATM
  10. Building car trailer, shops in QLD ?

    My problem is I don't have the room, id really enjoy making one its just not possible ATM. think il just spend ages getting quotes n find something that suits me, just need as basic n low/light as possible Looked into old caravans that are able to be converted into trailers but it's all old n too much to get it half decent n safe
  11. I love my sign at work. $100hr labour or $200 if your watching
  12. I'm guessing you checked front wheel but there's another (obviously) which I'm sure u didn't, turbo sounds f**ked to me
  13. s14 320ks BP ultimate

    just use a shifter or spanner to get O2 out not hard, and as above search around nothing is the same price everywhere
  14. Answered your own question
  15. Second opinion on tune

    225/30/19 on a 10" rim isn't going to help your traction worries mate