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  1. 1993 Toyota Supra - $4,000

    Make : TOYOTA SUPRA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $4,000 Condition : Used Black and primed jza80 rolling shell complete minus headlights. Does not come with kit. Perfect track chassis or project.
  2. Martial Arts

    Yes I'm Khmer, I plan to go train back home someday next year or 2011, Yeah the Khmer's use alot more elbows, Chey kosal is notorious for that, I've seen him fight 3 times, Deadly stuff, People should think if Thai boxing was original then it should be called Muay siam, Muay = one in the Khmer language, And apparently means boxing in Thai language, Thailand was called Siam before the name now. Anyway can you get Khmer boxing shorts?
  3. Martial Arts

    Correct pradal serey means freestyle fighting in Cambodia, Which is our national sports, Most people don't realise muay thai's roots are from Cambodian kickboxing, now there is a Art the world is only just learning, Check it out on youtube called Bokator, Complete fighting art, Ground, grappling, weapons etc etc, Now i know most people don't care about who created what but someone who learns the art should learn the tradition, and heritage of it, Kun Khmer> muay thai.
  4. how to kill a 1JZ

    Mate your easiest option is to get another 1jz bottom end, if your chasing over 500hp sure forge it out but 450hp on a 1jz is reliable power daily, a 1.5jz is crap as a 2jz head flows as good as a 1jz when work is done, The 2jzge bottom end isn't as strong as the gte and doesn't have oil squirters like it either, If all else fails 2jz it mate, im pushing close to 700hp on stock block that's toyota power. Peace.
  5. my car whistles

    My supra whistles aswell after i got the turbo rebuilt. Thing is mtq didn't give me a dump pipe gasket because they said they didn't stock any for a t88 so how pathetic is that. So i just bolted the dump pipe to turbo exhaust housing and theres a huge leak so that could be a problem aswell.
  6. Free Photo Shoots..

    Thanks for the pics, next ones soon when she's pumped out.
  7. Gold Coast- Meet & Greet, Inviting all

    I might be there in a all black rz.
  8. Saturday night cruise?

    I normally wouldn't start a topic randomly but any cruise on tonight? Or any group that go and have fun 1.5kg/cm+ I told my mate i wanted to go out this sat so im set on it, Give me a pm or something please.
  9. Redrilling rims

    Haha i don't really want to sell them ay, Getting me a Supra RZ so i want these rims on there, If not i'll just put it on the onevia,
  10. Redrilling rims

    These be the rims
  11. Redrilling rims

    ROH 3 piece, apparently they were blanks then drilled to 4 stud, didn't see that post come up in search but oh well, I'm thinking about giving up my project and using the rims on the new car. If i can find pics you would know why i want them on.
  12. Got some nice deep dish wheels in 18x9 and 18x10 in 4x114.3 just wondering if they are able to be drilled to 5x114.3 Thanks yo.
  13. Got my exhaust package again today and happy with the product, Paid on Friday got it today monday, Cheers again Greg.
  14. Best Exhaust Systems

    I'm in the market for a catback, What are the prices on the nur spec r system? I've emailed exhaust technology about 3" straight through twin piped system for the sr banger, Anyone got one off these systems? Any feedback about them, Or the other one is a Junbl cannon do they sell them separately? Therefore when i get a custom system done i can change over between twin and cannon. Thanks.
  15. What hasn't been said about Greg's service. Was indeed happy with his professional online service, I made a mistake with money transfer but that was sorted out quickly and received my goods today, Good products and awesome prices, I hope you guys make some more quality products and go big time. Thanks. Michael