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  1. Hey mate. Yep, I'll be out there. Come and say hi! It'll be the first outing with the wheels and semi-slicks, I'm keen to see how it looks on track! What will you be driving?
  2. Gearbox is all done and back in, shifts well and will settle more as the synchros find their groove. Bought some very cheap 18x10 wheels to put my equally cheap Dunlop 265 semi-slicks on (I have 12 of them!). Looking forward to seeing how it handles at an upcoming hillclimb event. I wasn't a fan of the gold colour so i've quickly sprayed them white. I might also end up painting the lip white too to match my other wheels.
  3. Quickly fixed some body damage after getting hit in the rear quarter again. Found what broke in the gearbox, 3rd/4th shift fork Got new billet forks, synchros and bearings from the US to have the box rebuilt.
  4. Finally got my 1st win at a drift event!!! With a huge field and one of the best we've ever had with drivers like Jake Jones, Michael Prosenik, Simon Michelmore, Jay Duca and Anthony Cece it was the one event I thought I'd never have a chance. Maybe the lack of pressure to win made me concentrate more on my driving. It wasn't straight forward though with re-runs against Jay Duca in the Top 8 and Michael Prosenik in the Top 4.I'll let the photos and videos do the talking..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj-yGnvdotM
  5. G1 Round 1 The event didn't go how I would've liked. Practise was fine, I was getting used to the new 245/40/17 Goodride semi-slicks. I think I practised too much as I didn't leave enough tread for qualifying, and didn't want to start on a new pair. 1st lap was ok. Locked the fronts up a bit too much which caused me to straighten. Usually i have more grip on the front so locking the fronts gives me more angle. I didn't adjust to the difference in time. 2nd lap was going better but the tyres delaminated and I lost all grip. The serpentine belt also came off so I had no power steering and the temps shot right up. Qualified 21st and had to battle in the bottom 16. I came up against Anthony Cece who was always going to charge hard. After my lead run I had a points advantage and was looking forward to a good chase run to move on to the next battle. During the run into the first corner my gearstick came unbolted leaving me with neutral. Anthony also had problems and if i'd been able to grab a gear it would've been an easy win. I finished the event in 25th. Not what I wanted after finishing 9th in last years' series. In car Outside Chase run
  6. Updates from the last 2 events. Attended my first Matsuri, had an awesome time. Almost too much track time as my 12 tyres (8 brand new) didn't last very long. Here i was testing out the pedal cam, I might use it more often as it's a great tool to learn from. If you're wondering why i was entering so slowly, I was trying to replicate a G1 qualifying lap with the short run up we're given. Another one using up the last of my tyres. And mucking around on the skid pan. I didn't want to get too close as I know Kelly likes to keep her car neat.
  7. I think so. I wish the roll cage was in though, then i'd be able to take passengers.
  8. The new engine saw the dyno today, and didn't blow up! Changes made since last time: - E85 - 1000cc bosch injectors and top feed rail - Camtech 272 cams (Intake and exhaust) Straight off the bat with not much tweaking it pumped out 380kw! The boost controller was still set to 20psi so he backed off before it got to its full potential. After a bit of playing round I set the goal for 340kw and we achieved that safely with 14psi. I was just hoping to crack 300kw again, so I'm more than happy with how it all went.
  9. I hope we can re-use most of it but I imagine a lot of it will need to be re-done. I'm tempted to cut the roof off....
  10. Yeah, the new engine was built and in within a week of the old one letting go. I didn't expect to have it done this year. We'll be cutting the old cage apart and hopefully recycling as much as possible. Matsuri, maybe. I should get some practise in before ADGP in Sydney, which I'm hopefully doing. Are you planning on entering matsuri?
  11. It's been a while since an update so I'll try to keep it efficient. Stadium Drift Final - The car was still running well - Wastegate lines came undone so I only had 10psi - 2 piece driveshaft middle bearing was pretty rooted so I had to take it easy. - Had a couple of big impacts - Came 8th on the day and held 3rd for the series! In-car of the crash B Main final battle Blown engine Before the G1 final i wanted a bit more power so we put some Camtech 272 cams in and went for a quick tune. Unfortunately something failed and the engine seized. New engine put together And now it's in with the cams and new injectors ready for E85 and a tune in the new year. I've also cut the cage out of the old shell. G1 Drift Final As my car was not ready for this event I borrowed Daniel Prior's KE70 again. One of his mates was also using it so I only got 2 laps in before qualifying. I qualified 26th and battle in the bottom 16. Won the first battle, had a re-run in the top 8 against Michael Sympons in his KE70 but he went through to the top 4. I managed to hold my 9th position in the series, which I'm pretty happy about as all three rounds had a record amount of entrants. (almost 100 different drivers over the 3 rounds) Top 8 battle Results for the year 1st Outright - SA Motorkhana Championship 1st Class D - SA Motorkhana Series 3rd Overall - Stadium Drift Australia SA Series 9th Overall - G1 Drift Series
  12. Price : $400 Condition : Used For sale: 1JZ 540cc side feed injectors. Condition: Great! They've been comfortably making 302kw @ 19psi on 98octane in my car for the last few months. Reason for sale: Changing to E85 and 1000cc injectors. Price: $400 Delivery: Free pickup in Adelaide, otherwise $10 postage in Aus.
  13. From the first day of practice Expression session
  14. Entered ADGP State Rd 1 at Mallala. Didn't qualify for the top 16 but was happy to get the car out on the track. Had heaps of fun in the practice and expression sessions. Qualifying run http://youtu.be/6bxf_8C3ALE