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  1. I am currently, and will continue to be, making money out of shale gas and oil companies on the ASX. It is not a "phase" or an "idea" The USA is almost self energising based on shale.
  2. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 182000 Price : $12,000 Condition : Used Dont wanna sell it, but need a bigger car to move music gear around. Apexi 264 degree cams All dodgy lifters replaced Pod Metal intake pipe Genuine Greddy Front mount Bosch 040 fuel pump ALL exhaust gaskets re done at exhaust tech (eng to manifold, turbo, dump) 3 inch stainless front/dump pipe Cat pipe 3 inch cat back with resi JIC Magic coilovers Kazama castor rods R33 gtr rear sway bar Alloy cradle locking collars Non Hicas rear end Front strut brace Genuine Forged 3 piece SSR Agle Strusse wheels bought specifically to fit Stock s14 guards properly Front: 17 x 9.5 +15 New 235 45 17's Rear: 17 x 10.5 +30 New 255 40 17's Greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller (disconnected, running 0.7bar stock boost) Apexi RSM Nismo gear knob Kenwood MP3 Headunit with usb and ipod use Front splits Rear whatever Kenwood sub Sony 4 channel amp Stereo needs nothing done, I am an audio engineer and it satisfies even me.. Series 2 tail lights Sunroof 82,000kms on engine 182000kms on chassis, Which is an honest and mint example. Rails are spotless and sill panels etc are absolutely A1, ZERO rust Whole car has been painted including welded bootlid. Old lady smashed the rear bar when it was parked and did a deal with the crash repairer under insurance. Paint job now 2 months old, and was done really well, got them to do: JDM rear bar re paint roof and re seal sunroof, zero rust observed. spoilerless boot, welded up properly Has recently had full service with all lubes/oils, filters and plugs and sensors cleaned. Did engine oil before xmas (Motul turbolight 4000) 12,000kms since engine swap and manual conversion with new clutch Car will ALSO be supplied with the following parts: Stock Struts Stock Steering Wheel Stock front dump pipe Stock 32 wheels with near new falken 912's on front Series 1 tail lights Stock castor rods Stock Swaybar New steering rack boots Apexi EL boost gauge Apexi EL water temp gauge Car needs: Cam gears, as aftermarket cams have made the intake cam spring sprocket noisy after driving for a while. Would also do the usual Z32 afm and 14psi which would probably get you on to 210rwkw with great response and low down guts. Car currently feels like 170-180 rwkw on 7psi with untuned cams Motor feels great, this is my 5th SR20 and it dosent skip a beat. Looking for $12000, possibly swaps. Cheers.
  3. Price : $500 Condition : Used Selling a set of 32 gtr wheels 16x8 +30 5x114.3 Forged 500km old falken ze912 fronts Mismatched rears Also included is a second pair of rear Tyres with great tread that I haven't put on yet
  4. TFIF - NOTORIOUS (no not biggie :P)

    Eyecandy be useful and remove my 33% warn
  5. TFIF - NOTORIOUS (no not biggie :P)

    Iron chef. Hard parking extraordinaire.

    autumn / winter Ebisu releases nipples this time of year.

    Loz, make sure it includes that its November / Autumn, looks good so far. Maybe use NS.com on the front and hardtuned on the sleeve?

    Yerp u heard it from the horses mouth (Yes Loz looks like a horse) that we will look to rep NS.com at matsuri this november. We will probably do a simple design that Loz and i will work on, im keen on something pretty funny/stupid that reflects how chilled and relaxed the Ebisu enviroment really is. An idea i had was a Cartoon Koala / kangaroo in some sort of compromised portrayal, maybe doing a Japanese panda from behind?? any ideas are welcome, but we'll make it look good
  9. November Matsuri / G1GP

    hellllls yeeah
  10. November Matsuri / G1GP

    Noice work mang, the aussie invasion continues..
  11. November Matsuri / G1GP

    only if i can attempt a kickflip in your R32
  12. November Matsuri / G1GP

    We need a good chef, im normally too drunk. We'll sort something out Andy, maybe see if we can find a grill that shit dosent stick too, i will be a more efficient chef..
  13. November Matsuri / G1GP

    LOL, I don't bend that way mate. I only go the female type But you can be my bitch if you want Oh and 205/60R15s Andy (loved the Kenda's last time but shoot me some details in my email if you like) christian T was on there twice He's bi-polar bro.....let both his personalities compete there will be one of me in the 90, and another one cooking the bbq like last November haha bi-polar as F***
  14. November Matsuri / G1GP

    Christian Tassone - JZX90 Chaser