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  1. If your going to use fiberglass front guards then yes you will get defected.
  2. Hey guys sorry im getting confussed. As the diagram everyone bleeds A first then B. Correct? Or is it B then A first?
  3. Okay guys, il give the mid section nipple a bleed, i actually didnt do that.
  4. Well to start off with I just tryed to bleed the nipple but nothing seems to be working. The peddel still feels really spongy and not firm. Could this be because my clutch cylinder is broken? Also how can you determine if i need to replace it or not? One of the hose's popped off, which in turn my brake fluid ran dry. After putting the hose back on, replacing fluid and bleeding it. Still noticed that i dont have the firm clutch feel. I am getting some feel in the clutch, but not what it use to be like. It feels like im driving around with a triple plate. 1. How do I know if my cylinder is broken? 2. What is the best way to bleed it?
  5. Hey guys, I need to replace my Master Clutch Cylinder Hosing, I need the part number, or if anyone knows the repco part number. Or any advice. Thanks guys, Much apprieciated.
  6. Power Steering Flush

    ^^ alright thanks heaps dude. Life saver.
  7. Power Steering Flush

    yeah i mean heavy, so there is air in the system... so after a while it should sort it self out right?? and i have checked all belts and fluid etc.
  8. Power Steering Flush

    ^^ thanks guys, all completed. Now i seem to have a problem. It seems to be much tighter then usual? Near full lock from left to right it seems quite tight. Any ideas?
  9. Power Steering Flush

    is the hose that the arrow is pointing at the return line?? thanks guys
  10. Power Steering Flush

    ^^ okay that was very informative thanks heaps dude.
  11. hey guys, well im just about to do a power steering flush, and i came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BemMtVa-agY Now the question i just want to ask is this correct?? i have been doing abit of searching and have found mixed reply's from people, saying yes you can and no you cant because if you run the pump dry you can stuff it up. Thank you
  12. Power steering Hose

    ahk then no probs thanks. give a buzz tomorrow
  13. Power steering Hose

    did you just use one hose for the whole thing?
  14. Power steering Hose

    ^^ okay sweet, i wasnt sure. Because its got one hose sized hose and another bigger sized hose over it. It is a straight hose, does anyone know the diameter?
  15. Hi, what is this hose called?? (below) i need to pick up a new one as my one seems to be leaking somewhere. Also, will a place like repco stock a part like this?? I dont want to have to take it off, and take it to repco and find out they dont stock the part. Then I will be stuck, as i need the car for work. Thank You.