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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 111500 Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Hi im selling my R33 skyline Owned the car for a couple of months now and am only selling it due to travelling overseas for a few months and could use the extra cash towards the trip mid year. The car is great, starts first time all the time. Interior is in immaculate condition Body wise, besides the dents and scratches from a car this age is in great condition, The paint is still extremely shiney and not bland or dull, as the pictures below will show. Sunroof as well. The reason I purchased the car was due to its cleanliness and it being well looked after by the previous owner (first in australia) and myself. Car will pass rego with no problem. After market parts include: Front mount intercooler Exhaust After market deep dish steering wheel Tein super street coilovers Pod filter Blitz blow off valve 16" wheels Aftermarket head unit Amp (not pictured but included) Rockford fosgate sub (not pictured but included) Comes with standard parts - Air box with snorkel and Steering wheel. Bad points, All annoying things that can be easily fixed I just dont have the time to: Rear passangers window doesnt go down, been advised by a few people its the relay. Power cable for the stereo needs a new fuse to make it all work. Drivers seatbelt can be a bit diffucult to get on (locks) but after a few tugs it comes free. Air con needs regassing soon. Sunroof is a little sticky when opening. Im being very honest with the car so im looking for an honest buyer - no bs. I work very strange hours so please text me and ill either text back or call you. Price is negotiable. 0481237347 5,000 negotiable - Padstow but also around Fairfield/Cabra area.
  2. s14 tien super streets

    Thanks for your info Ruff Ryda! I think Ill just let these coilovers go and get something a little more for what im after, Really want to beable to use the car for track. Like every other guy out there with a turbo rwd I do want to slide it, Im not really after comfort on a day to day drive as I know the back pains and headaches from hitting my head on the roof is worth having a solid set up for drifting. LOL Bling wanna trade champ Agreed with Aym I always thought without even doing research that blisteins where a coupla thou. I might go the way of BC's as Brys s14 is a car im trying to mimic (dont tell him) and he seems to be doing fine with them. - Shaun
  3. s14 tien super streets

    Bling: Well ive sacked it as much as i could, Its pretty shite to be honest. Not much travel till it hits the bumper stop.
  4. Hey guys I have a set of Tien super streets on my car. On my part I didnt do much research when I saw these up for sale just saw them at a good price and in really good condition. As most of us know super streets are not the lowest coilovers out there. I was thinking of changing the springs to something that could provide more lowness, Has anyone done this before? Also I had a friend who suggested chopping them slightly, I laughed and told him to f off, however since I'm here I might as well as if thats feasible or not, Im guessing the answer is not to do it. But yeah If I could please get some advice that would be awesome. Thanks guys.
  5. T28 Ball bearing problems

    Yeah I did it today, took forever since I dont have a vice to put it in, had to wedge it between 2 20kg olympic plates LOL But yeah made sure the oil drain lines up before anything. Kemp, now I can say I custom modified something on the car. DV5180, I would probably say your right, but I dont have a t25 mate, had a t28 bush bearing, and now changing it to a t28 ball bearing. I
  6. T28 Ball bearing problems

    Always thought it was just a straight swap. How sad that it isnt =[ Thanks for your answers guys ill probably enlarge the holes, seems to be the easiest and most logical way. Once again thanks guys. - Shaun
  7. Hey guys Been working on my car all day pulling off my t28 non ball bearing off my series 2 s14 to replace it with a jap spec s15 t28 ball bearing. Only to find out whilst putting everything back together that (what I think) my oil return line on the bottom of the turbo doesnt fit with the t28 ball bearing. Im thinking about making the holes on the lines bigger to fix the problem, Or if someone can direct me on what to do that would be great also. Picture below of what im talking about: Im sorry if what I have said doesn't make sense its 4am and I've been working on the car since 2pm. Sorry for the shit quality, If you can see the left hole lines up (well its dark but it lines up), however the top one doesn't line up. Thanks for your help in advance guys. - Shaun
  8. My s14a

    Hey man This will give you an idea of what your car would look like with the standard front bar with lux lip and vertex side and rear This is the link: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=447635 And here are some pictures: (hope it helps, click on the link for bigger pictures)
  9. Just did mine on friday with a mate. As long as you know righty tighty lefty lucy youll be fine, that could be half the reason your snapping bolts as zenkii mentioned those are the size tools you need, as long you have some muscle to put the two top hub bolts onto the suspension (which is the hardest part) youll be fine. Then go get a wheel alignment save yourself some coin to buy your next mod... or to go to the brofs or what ever. If you a walk through, pm me!
  10. My S14

    I see a cool air intake. Its got a Nos fogger system and a T4 turbo, I see an AIC controller. It has direct-port nitrous injection, and a stand alone fuel management system. Not a bad was to spend 10,000 dollars. See that, hes got enough Nos in there to blow himself up, period!!! All jokes aside, I really like the colour its not a gun metal but its not a pewter either... looks like a stock colour from some sort of car but I cant put my finger on it.
  11. Pics I have on my desktop, sorry if they are reposts.
  12. MAD Automotive Demo/Track car

    scary looks like my old 180 minus the wheels! looks hot!
  13. anyone got a pic of the front of this one? Here ya go