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  1. getting an immobiliser

    hey guys, im looking to get an immobiliser for my 180sx. How much do they start from? where can get it done in SA? cheers dan
  2. i've just bought a rear bar and found out that i couldnt bolt it onto the car
  3. car stolen

    hey guys, theives broke into my car (180sx) about a month ago, drove it to a park, stripped the goodies off and left it on brake discs. In the process they managed to damage the ignition barrel and boot lock. The car still starts by using a flathead screwdriver to turn the back section of the ignition barrel as the key won't turn in the barrel no more. BOth door locks still in tact. What do guys suggest? what are my options? Should i just go to an import wrecker and buy the whole set? ie. ignition barrel + key, driver + passenger door locks, boot lock. OR get the the ignition barrel and boot lock fix how much would i be expected to pay? any feedback is appreciated
  4. cheap paint jobs

    Hi guys, I might be getting some body kits soon for the 180, was wondering whether you guys know of any spray painters from ns. Home jobs are ok as long as they're decent. let me know cheers
  5. crank shaft seal

    Hi guys, im back with more problems. The same mechanic also suspects that there is a crank shaft seal leak, as i could see a tiny pool of fluid on my driveway. I dont even know what a crank shaft is -who cares. I just want to know what fluid leaks out of this seal so that i can top it up for the mean time. Is it oil??? ANy help would be appreciated Cheers
  6. powersteering fluid

    Thanks heaps for the replies. I had a look at the canister and theres only a tiny pool of reddish fluid left - needs to be topped up!! Now i will try to fix the hose leak =) Cheers
  7. powersteering fluid

    hi guys, a mechanic suspects that there is a leak in the power steering hose - which i can seen on my driveway. Can somebody tell me the exact location in my engine bay where i can top up powersteering fluid? Also my dad recommends that i can use Castrol TQ DEXRON-III Automatic Transmission Fluid as an alternative - should i listen to him, or is he 'trippin out'? Give me some names of recommended power steering fluids for 1991 sr180sx. Thanks heaps
  8. BOV problem!! HELP ME!!! ;-(

    Im running both the blitz and the stock BOV. Now u guys are telling me that im leaking boost because ive still got the stock bov. Can u guys tell me step by step to remove the stock bov?? eg, Step1: remove left front wheel Step2: remove guard from left front wheel Step3,4,5,......what next??????????? Thanks
  9. screamer!!!

    Is there a great performance difference with the screamer in comparison to a 3inch dump pipe? honestly, i dont even know what a screamer is or what it does. explain please ;P
  10. quick BOV question

    Ive got stock BOV syndrome as well! Im running the BLitz BOV as well as the stock BOV at the same time. I REALLY want to get rid of the stock BOV. What do i use to block the intercooler piping? Anybody in adelaide who can show how to do it? A complimentary carton of beer will be rewarded!
  11. oil gasket

    Hi guys, where can i buy new oil gasket for my sr in adelaide? - cause its leaking a few drops overnight. Would Autobarn, Cartoys have it??
  12. climate control

    G'day, When i turn on the dash light at night, everything lights up except the light from the climate control section. Could it be a soldering problem? If any of yous experience similar problems in the past, do not hesitate to help. Thanks
  13. unknown force

    Hi, whenever i gear down to 3rd at or after 100km/hr, i feel my car violently get pulled to the right....a bit like a little 'jerk' (when the clutch grips 3rd). My friend reckons i need a wheel alignment. Thanks