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  1. Yep a 2 seater hardtop in a factory TT manual is about as rare as they get! Ours is a targa 2+2, miso went with the 2+2 cause she didnt want to sell when we had kids! Daughter loves the zed.
  2. For some strange reason I logged on here today, after not being here for years, has changed quite a bit! I'm 34, drive a Cefiro. First import was a cefiro, then S14 track only drift car, then cefiro number 2 (street car), TT soarer, various excel's/falcons as daily's. Kept breaking the track car, then went to Japan and drove a R32 (rb20) for the 4 days, thrashed the crap out of it with zero issues, so parted my track car out when I got back, built my current cefiro. Its been on the road for 4 years, went through the hassle of getting it engineered, not really looking to change, well, I would for a R32 GTR but dont have deep enough pockets these days, haha. Did a fair few drift days at wakefeild, and did the road trip to QLD matsuri (and drove it home!) car has been pretty reliable. I really am a cefiro fag, haha. Oh and I drive a R33 sedan turbs auto as a daily, and the missus has had a TT300zX for the past 11 years.
  3. S15 with V8 VH41DE from Poland

    380mm, thats impressive. Nice car mate, nice engine choice too!
  4. That is one of the primary issues I've observed with the current generation, given my housemate is younger than me and his friends younger again. Since they have access to such a vast network of information resources, many never took the time to learn the art of information gathering, and subsequently don't appreciate help when provided. Present them with a problem for which the Internet doesn't provide them with step-by-step help, and they're helpless/useless. For instance, when I was younger and the Internet was just a shadow of its current form, for some knowledge you had no choice but to hit the library or phone/visit specialists in the field. I would talk to shops, manufacturers and suppliers, work out the direction I had to take, investigate and experiement that which I needed to know, then probe further for information until I had enough to work with or could approach field specialists with the correct questions ask or answers to confirm. It takes time and effort just to find the right people to ask, and if you're rude or waste their time they will tell you to f**k off, so there was always incentive to do your share of work. In contrast, what does Gen Z/Y do? They jump onto a forum and ask some of the most obvious questions, ones that can be answered in less time by simply typing three words into Google/Youtube, information mediums that they already use for school/boredom/porn. When someone suggests that they Google/research and come back, as it has been answered in depth, the kids then respond with anything from mild bitching to "fk u cnts i cum here 2 get help i sed plz an u dont help me u fks dis is site 4 halp so dont u tell me 2 google FK U CNTS I FK UR MOTHER I RAPE UR HOLE FAMILY FK UUUU!!!!1". The Youtube comment section never ceases to surprise me in that respect. Interestingly, I feel the cause of the problem is not one of laziness, but rather that it's the result of an extremely strong sense of self-entitlement, courtesy of nobody having beaten the sh*t out of them for being rude. As soon as their ability to mouth off without recourse is taken away, they soon recognise that people don't owe them sh*t. Im more of a lurker than a poster (check start date/post count! lol), but I must admit, I still come here to read the reply's such as this above. Never a dull post pmod!
  5. I'd still be double, (triple!) checking the oil squirters and cam caps are functional/installed the right way. There isnt really any other way for the cam to wear out, other than lack of lubrication (or super heavy springs, which you say you dont have) All good and well for the mechanic to not really be sure of the problem, but just put new cams in and hope for the best.
  6. Buddy club P1's

    Buddy Club P1's 2 sets, 1st set, 17x9 +17 all round 5 x114.5 pcd 2 have 205 50 17 potenza's about 60% 2 have dead skidders These rims have been spray canned gunmetal, One wheel also has some rash and a small crack on the inside, still holds air fine. These are a reasonably rare size. $1000 Neg. 2nd Set 17x 9 +27 5x114.5 pcd 2 have rotalla's 225 45 17 about 50% 2 have goodyear 235 45 17 almost full tread depth, but camber worn, These haven't been resprayed as far as I can tell, and look a bit better condition than the other set. Although they do still have some small marks, see pics. $1000 neg Located between Nowra and Wollongong. Prices are negotiable. Lowballs are ok as long as you dont get your panties in a knot when I tell you to GTFO. Will swap/trade for other rims, Something with dish, no smaller than 17x9. Happy to trade all 8 rims for a decent set of 4. Will not split sets, if you want 2 of each buy them all, and sell the ones you dont want on. Cheers
  7. Whats the bearings like in the s15 knuckles?
  8. 10 years

    At first I was like, damn, you guys been here way longer than me, so I checked when I signed up, will be 10 years next year! Checked my post count, its like 0.08 per day, lol Serial lurker
  9. Gary's S14A.

    Sweet build man. Much clearance between oil pump and passenger rail? or wil the pump pivot up more?
  10. Hey guys, I have a pair of brand new extra lock/roll center adjusters for S14/15. These have never been fitted. Ended up buying knuckles instead, cause the pre buy took ages. Link http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s14-s15-40mm-roll-center-correction-kit-limited-production-batch-eta-late-january.html Will do for $200 posted anywhere in Aus. (they're $249 plus post on the site) Pm only please. Regards Glen
  11. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    Good post above pmod^^ Whats the definition of a ghost? I believe slightings of lost loved ones etc are in peoples head. Thats how people deal with shit. (just my opinion) When my old man passed away, there were times where i'd get a feeling he was there, hard to explain, you know when someone is watching you (who is alive) you sometimes know they're there? got that a few times just after his death, but meh, shrugged it off as part of the grieving process. Although, one of the houses the missus and I stayed in had some weird noises, footsteps, doors opening, etc. We'd always comment on what we heard, but never heard the same thing, so it was always a bit of, yeah, you cray. Until the day we moved out, we were In separate rooms, front of house, hear back sliding door open then close, couple of footsteps, so we both walk out expecting to see one of our parents, no one there. Door locked. Thats the only instance we both heard the same thing. Also one of our dogs was shit scared of the main bedroom. But the dog was an idiot anyway, so didnt mean much, lol. Still, was glad to get the f out of that place.
  12. RB26det S15 conversion

    If you are specifically wanting a rb26 then ok, but if you have a power goal, and/or restricted budget there are easier ways to get there, rb25 NEO as said above. But hey, I drive a RB20 cause I like them, there are cheaper/easier ways to make power, each to there own I guess. But you dont need a mount kit, do a search or similar build threads.
  13. RB26det S15 conversion

    Is that a f#%king rabbit infront of the r34? lol
  14. Detroit

    Was thinking the same, very evo 10ish