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  1. Flat shift gear knob

    Holinger are the only ones that I'm aware of that make a H-pattern flat shift knob, they are listed on their website. You'll obviously need a ECU that can support flat shift or a standalone GCU.
  2. rb25det gearbox power potential

    It's better to be a little man with small mantrans than auto mangina.
  3. rb25det gearbox power potential

    They are pretty strong and you'd be doing well to smash gears in one with an SR, but the guys that were breaking them here were RB with big 3rd gear burnouts. Either way the synchros for drag racing become the problem, once they start crunching, you ending up forcing a shift and breaking selector forks. I did that twice before I bit the bullet and went to PPG and have never looked back. There are plenty of vids on my youtube channel if you're interested in sticking with a man-trans. They call it that for a reason https://www.youtube.com/user/Downcut/videos
  4. Haha this made me laugh man, very true. I must say though, I'd rather look at the JDM spec'd cars to the Autosalon cars. Some enjoy their cars by driving, others by looking. If you weren't around for these days of the late 90's, pre 2005, shows like the GLOSHOW, Autosalon, Small Car Sunday used to go off with numbers with awesome quality old school cars. There is no doubt that this was a golden era for the evolving import car scene in general. Supernats was jam packed every year with competitors and fans, you used to literally need to find a seat in the stands at the QLD Jamboree every year, now the main stand is lucky to be a third full throughout the day. All sports compact drag events like this are pretty much for the drivers now, there's no one in the stands. The evolution of Powercruise for street cars was a very smart move by Gup that could have been done by any of the other promoters with a bit of extra thought. The street drags were beyond anything that you could explain to someone who missed that window of car craziness. Honestly, it's was absolute madness, by far the best times I've had in my life and every time you run into the faces that you haven't seen since those days, it's like an instant feeling of goosebumps knowing that we shared those times. When the helicopters starting following us, those days were pretty much wiped out very quickly. The Police have always been defecting cars, the EPA doing the same, gutter journalism shows like ACA and TT have always been fueling the fire into brainwashing the masses that we are all drug dealing rapists and murderers, easily identifiable by our exhaust note. Hopefully this perception will change one day. This is from 2001, SR20DET 167kW at the wheels with a big T28 high flow.

    Looking forward to the battle! Will give me some motivation to finish my junker race engine towards the end of 2014.
  6. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Couldn't have said it better myself. DUI is a prime example of this too, to me it's the ultimate driving offence but the punishment is far less than someone doing a static burnout or some low speed roundabout drifts. The stats get overlooked when it comes to enthusiastic driving and modified cars because to this day we have become a soft target and a cash cow for the government.
  7. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Of course I have, STM have done some very impressive stuff over the last decade, well they will have a very good idea as to what is safe! Is Andre still tuning there?
  8. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Nice build, been following it for a while If you are legitimately making that sort of power on 98 (close to 400kW) then I would say you have a grenade waiting to explode. Keep the high power for ethanol or race fuel. There's also another SR20VET which Advance Motor Mechanics finished last year, it was a 2.2L stroker and a very neat car. 45psi may be achievable on a DET with a 6262, but I bet my balls that you won't be making any power over 35 on a VET with a decent comp ratio, it would be a wasted effort. My 6766 on my VET started to roll over at 42psi when it was making 636kW, You won't be able to push a 6262 to 160mph, no one in the world has done it and I know from my data it won't happen.
  9. Caltex eflex to close ?

    I know of this happening to a mate of mine as well and he filled up from united to Remember e85 from bowsers arnt really meant for racing which is why it's a flex fuel If your really picky u should be using drum e85 and if your buying drums u May as well buy e100 instead I reckon people who buy E85 out of drums are throwing money down the drain. I have tested my United fuel just about everytime that I've filled up since 2008 and aside from 85% the first year, it has been 89-90% ever since.
  10. 900hp SR20VET S13

    Some more footage for you guys
  11. Big Power Unopened SR?

    According to the calculator that I use it is saying 138mph based on 2915lb with driver. That is assuming the car is 1250kg and 75kg for the driver. I don't know if the weight is right for your car but a mates 180SX is a bit heavier and he went 140mph on 445kw. Mine was 2720lb when I went 144.63mph on 453kw. I always find that the trap speeds read a bit lower on the calculator vs what I actually run, I'm putting it down to the gearset possibly. With 291kw at the wheels I have trapped 131mph and 134mph. This is my "bible" I guess you'd say. Works for me http://www.race-cars.net/calculators/et_calculator.html
  12. Big Power Unopened SR?

    What did JU57SX trapping at the drags with 450kw? I saw a vid but it didn't have any info on the E.T or trap speed.
  13. 1/4 Mile Times

    An auto would be an advantage for the strip over a H pattern no doubt, but it's a long way off its potential so far so will keep setting up the suspension.
  14. 1/4 Mile Times

    Was a day full of changes but got there by the end of the night. 8.9 @ 162mph, then drove home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eZB-6oVVZk
  15. POWERTUNE Red Dragon

    Nice, what power was it on? Do you know the 60ft?