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  1. WTB S15 Rocker Cover

    I have a couple PM ME IF YOUR STILL LOOKING

    I have one stock & one dash8 fittings welded on what are you looking to spend
  3. S14/S15 wheels

    I have a set with michelin pilot procedures tyres half warn, couple of small marks. What are you looking to spend?
  4. Wrecking a 2002 model Nissan S15 200sx

    Bonnet? Condition of seats?
  5. Track days

    Hell all, Is there any clubs or company i should look at to take someone as a passenger in my car at SMSP? Or does anyone have links for such a thing? Any help would get a young car nut in the car for his first track expirence. Thnaks in adavnce for any help.
  6. S15 & Sr20 Parts - $20

    Price : $20+ Open to offers Condition : Used Left overs & unwanted. 70mm nissan throttle body - $200 (Looks stock (includes --GKtech V2 S14a/S15 Eccentric throttle wheel) Blow off valve (with grub screw mod) -$50 Tomei FPR with short braided return line. - $100 Full set S15 brakes (callipers pads, disks, hand brake cable, master cylinder, Braided lines) -$300 S15 Rear uprights (5stud conversion) $100 S15 stock radiator $100 S15 after market 50mm alloy radiator $250 S15 stock radiator $100 Blitz 300 x 75 x 600 intercooler & some S15 cooler pipes $400 S15 stock diff $200 S15 inlet plenum (complete fuel rail & stock throttle boy & FPR) $100 S15 rocker cover $150 S15 rocker cover paint stripped & with 2 x -8 weld on nipples for breather tank (can crinkle black paint if required) $250 gktech SR20 coolant neck spacer $25 Full set of Rose joint control arms $100 Tomie GTR upgrade fuel pump $150 (good for over 300Kw atw) SR20 rocker stoppers $20 S15 nimso engine mounts $200 S15 16"rims $200 S15 stock control arms & rear lower arms $100 S15 Complete Stock turbo back exhaust $150 Greddy pod Filter & associted bits NEW - $150 Contact; Keeron 0404050382 Email; 2humpy@gmail.com Any questions feel free to ask, open to offers. Bundle purchases will reduce costs. Pics on request or will upload if required.
  7. The 'ULTIMATE TYRE" thread!

    Brand:pirelli Type:Super corsa's tc1 Front & tc2 rear Your style of riding:20%street /30%hills /50%track Score out of 10, 10 Additional comments: These tyres are amazing the level of grip is crazy at the track & onspirited road rides, warm up on both road & track was quick enough, not for wet weather riding they may be fine but i certainly didnt feel comfortable on them. Only got about 2500klm out of them but there was 3 track days in that & I'm giving the tyres a hiding now. 0
  8. General chit chat thread!

    Riding plenty but the bayliss experience was so much fun & what a guy.
  9. ^ is comfortable getting a erection when he sees a hot guy
  10. Link to said conversation ?
  11. Any one used one of these from either dellow or Just jap.
  12. advice for 250rwkw

  13. Price : $100 Condition : Used Please delete
  14. What radiator shroud is that you are using? Looks really nice.