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  1. La Ferrari

    Only in that it has headlights and a front bar. No other similarities exist IMO
  2. Skateboard Thread?

    Good to see a bit of Canberra in there!
  3. Skateboard Thread?

    I know I have been out of the game a while but where are the shoes with lace protectors and those grip tape guards on the toes so they dont ware out in like 2 minutes? Arent we supposed to be progressing?
  4. Skateboard Thread?

    I had the grey version of that deck^ Was pretty good. The online shop you posted is really cheap until shipping is included. Then its just pretty cheap. You usually paying around 50 for shipping?
  5. Guitar stuff

    Selling a mesa roadster head and 4X12 cab at the moment. PM for details if you might be keen. Also selling one ESP Eclipse II in Amber Cherry Sunburst and a TC Electronic G System Limited and accessories. Rig consolidation time...
  6. The Internet's Best Build Threads

    Koenigsegg Agera R thread. Not a lot of info which is frustrating but some pretty awesome candid photos of the build process if you are interested. Same dude who repainted his veyron in one of my posts further up. http://www.luxury4play.com/koenigsegg/95451-l4p-egg-koenigsegg-agera-r-rtico-l-1st-us.html
  7. Doing a rebuild on my SR20 det

    2871r was fun. get that.
  8. my 200sx S2 2tone

    good on ya for going against the grain. Just make sure that whatever modifications you do dont make it less enjoyable to drive. You gotta be able to enjoy driving your car... its the rules.
  9. 1200hp in a 1200kg car... WOW!

    would still prefer a veyron. I like my exotics plush and ballin as well as powerful
  10. Went to sleep in my bed in my tent with a chick I had picked up. Woke up in my mates room (multi room tent - plush) spooning him and a chick he picked up. Was very confusing because it seemed like my mate had stolen my chick in my sleep. Turns out he had returned to find me on his bed, rolled me off and banged the girl while I slept peacefully next to them. I went back and banged the my girl who was still in my bed. Good night.
  11. Internet Freedom no longer exists - CISPA

    Says the man on the internet... Pretty small minded way of thinking really. If it effects your fellow citizen negatively then you should at least in part be concerned about it. You could use your logic to remove government assistance for disabled or injured people if you dont fall into that category. Or remove funding from Education because you are no longer in school. Would you allow the government to follow you around everywhere you go in the real world with a camera recording everything you do? Recognise it or not, you almost certainly have performed an activity that would be flagged by authorities on the internet. Ever made a dead baby joke? Ever written an email with questionable content as a joke? I know I have.
  12. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Wing is hecktic as.
  13. Yeah promethius is a prequel to the aliens series. If you watch the HD trailer it has snippets of the ship that they find when the mining ship responds to a distress call in the first movie. Coolmagool.