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  1. S14 wont fire

    Solved! Seems the fuel pump decided to get "stuck" after a few hits with a rubber mallet it decided to work again - AFTER we cut the fuel lines to check if the fuel filter was blocked oh well, should be up and running tomorrow
  2. S14 wont fire

    yeah I think I have narrowed it down to a fuel problem - doesnt seem to be any pressure on the fuel line when I turn it on. Got a mechanic mate coming round to have a look tonight - hopefully just needs a new fuel filter. Will keep posted.
  3. ok so I drove it last night and this morning it wouldnt start. it has been making a noise when it is cold recently which sounds like a power steering pump or similar (noise changes as I steer the wheel at slow speeds) but it would dissapear when it is warmed up. The engine turns over when i crank it, but it doesnt even cough or sound like there is any fuel or spark when I do this. I tried to flood it a little bit, but I couldnt even smell fuel after I did this. I drove it last night with no bad signs, the car always started first crank. The car is almost on empty but I can hear the fuel sloshing around when I wobble the car - so there is fuel. Also it was a little low on oil, but will top it up tonight. Any guesses or suggestions!?! Thanks!
  4. Best lyrical line

    the blood brothers - Devastator "Everybody needs a little devastation!!"

    pretty much everything in the cereal isle..
  6. Im not reading the three pages of replies, but this whole forum was filled with wankers to start with, I only look in this fitness section because it seems that this is the section with guys who have half a brain, rather than 16 year olds asking if they should put a S15 front on their S13, and what bodykit should they put on their skylines.. and Ive even stopped frequenting this forum as much (and I know Im not the only one) primarily because 90% of the new threads have the justified reply, "read the stickies.." I love the PTC newsletter every week and think Markos should start his own website and chuck a forum in there? its not hard, Im sure some of the IT experts on here can help out?

    never 1. move out west 2. mix "their" and "there" up 3. be broke Want 1. Build my own house - with my own hands 2. own a really nice car 3. ride around europe on my motorbike + nurburgring etc 4. hit 100kgs 5. get paid what I think Im actually worth
  8. Post pics of your tatts

    Im thinking of getting Dean Carlyle @ steel lotus to do mine.. anyone have any experiences with him or steel lotus? also if anyone has any reccomendations in sydney Id be happy to listen
  9. Post pics of your tatts

    lol @ duisturbed tat! ur mrs' one looks good tho
  10. Woke up on the gym floor

    yeouch! musta been a mean faceplant! - you might wanna send any security footage to funniest home videos
  11. strange S14 park light problem

    noice wan boys yeah was same wattage bulb and everything, but the contact bit at the bottom had 2 oval connector bits as opposed to one single round one, Ill try to find a proper one today. thanks!!
  12. strange S14 park light problem

    wattage is the same, will have a look see if its one or two silver dots.. thanks
  13. hey guys, I recently replaced a rear brake light, and have noticed that now when I press the brake pedal, the parker lights come on aswell.. Im a bit perplexed,.. any ideas? cheers
  14. Working out while sick...

    rest for a bit and then hit it up again