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  1. S13 door lock

    Anyone got an idea where i can get some new door locks if not from a wreck
  2. S13 wheels

    I want a wheel i can daily that will look nice, someones rolled my guards already and my car looks like a hover craft with 15x6.5 40 wheels
  3. S13 wheels

    Hey guys I have a na sr20 s13 coupe, looking at buying new wheels, it currently has 15x6.5 195/60/17s I'm buying bigger wheels so i can fit turbo brakes at the front (has 2 pots at the back and 1 pot on the front from previous owner) so im tossing up between 16x7 16x7.5 or 17x7 17x7.5 either way its going to have 195s on it still but will it make it harder to skid/drift in the dry if i go 17s? TLDR; are 17x7.5 195/45 to big to drift na sr20 Thanks guys
  4. S13 Seats

    Hey guys looking at upgrading to a better seat, but I'm not in an area where I may be able to sit in it before i buy and i live in a fairly rural area and far from a place that may seats. So I was wondering how I should go about buying without sitting first, I currently have a s14 seat in my s13 and it if fairly comfortable. When I bought the car it had a Recaro in it but it was way to small like i was sitting with my knees together while touching them on the steering wheel. (he said it was good for under 75kg and im a fair bit bigger. Thanks
  5. Coupe vs hatch

    Say i had wheels that fit flush with the guards on a 180 would it fit the same?
  6. Will these wheels fit

    Im after something that sits nice and will fit bigger brakes, i currently have 15s and my current single pot breaks barely clear, i want somthing light, fits well and looks good
  7. Will these wheels fit

    Also maybe looking at getting some drift teks made 17x8 and any offset from 0 to 15 for cheaper than the other ones, I want to run small tyres as im NA lol
  8. Will these wheels fit

    So I should clear the coilovers and stuff
  9. Hey guys I own a 91 s13 coupe and looking at some new wheels, currently looking at 17x8 +22 and putting 195/45s on it thanks in advance Im new here so not sure if posting to right place