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  1. Silvia AWD

    Brodie.Maher Unfortunately I do not like the GT-R and I like the Silvia S15. Blingcommander Okay Okay, right, it helped me a lot. Location: Japan? Maybe I'll see you in Tokyo. Bye
  2. Silvia AWD

    Blingcommander Thank you for the information ≧◡≦ ✿ܓ I'll buy this kit now. I have ¥5,000,000, truth that I can actually buy a GT-R R34, but the price of one is at least ¥4,000,000, but it is very difficult to find for that price, with those my ¥5,000,000 would give to do much more things with An FD, Supra, Evo or Silvia S15 with RB26. I'm thinking of sending someone to make this exchange, I wanted to do to learn more about mechanics, but with Silvia S15 + Parts + Cost for someone to do the job = Everything costs less than ¥ 2,000,000, cheaper than much Supra here, than the average price is that. I was looking for the RB26 because here in Japan there is a lot of variety of parts for this engine and it is cheaper than parts for Supra and Evo that is very difficult to find parts. (Sometimes I think 90% of the parts for these two cars are In the USA)
  3. Silvia AWD

    No buy, but fabricate. I did not understand. Basically, only I buy this Kit and add it to Silvia or will I have to do or buy something else? It may be a stupid question, but do you think it would be possible for this Kit to be made here in Japan using some parts of a Skyline GT-R? Or are these pieces made to measure? In Japan, parts for Skylines GT-R and RB26, there is a lot. Sorry, I'm a newbie when it comes to the mechanical part of the car. THANK AGAIN
  4. Silvia AWD

    Hi, my friend lives in Japan and he said he is having trouble creating account in this forum so he asked me to create an account and post it here: Hi, I bought a Silvia S15 Spec-R a few weeks ago and I'm going to do a Engine Swap by putting a RB26DETT, before buying Silvia I researched the Engine Swap and I read about RB26 with Trans from RB25 something similar to doing Silvia RWD. I, my girlfriend and my friend are going to make this Engine Swap on my Silvia S15, I want to know if it is possible to make my Silvia RB26 AWD and what I need to do or buy? THANK YOU