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  1. I'm after a good structural condition S15 jap spec rear bar. Paint quality or colour doesn't matter. Must be located in Sydney, NSW for viewing before purchase. SMS offers to 0450 906 351.
  2. 20B S15

    I realised that my build is one of the worst kept secrets and more people than I wanted know about the build so might as well chuck it up. Car was purchased as a stocker back in 2005. Enjoyed slowly building it over the years. By end of 2007 it had built engine, 2871 turbo, bigger fuel system, computer and was pushing 260kw. I added a bodykit to it and few other bits and pieces and enjoyed that for a bit longer. The 200 just became a bit of a weekend car from there on and it gave me more time to do things to it. Next plan was to build a 400kw SR, tuff driveline, paint and interior. Once I started putting numbers down on paper the cost started increasing very qikly and when I mention to my mechanic the amount the SR was going to cost he joked about a 20B conversion. Initially I laughed about it and only saw headaches and dramas on the way of doing that so brushed the idea off. I spent a few more days thinking about it, and with some convincing from mates, I decided ill just go all out and do it. That was towards the end of last year and since then Ive had my heart set on the conversion and been working towards making the car the way I want. My expectation quickly spiralled out of control, and went from a 400kw SR to a 800-1000hp 20B, not to mention the extensive driveline upgrading and body reinforcement to handle the power of such an engine. Once I had decided to do the conversion only then did I find out so many other supporting mods would be needed to make it worthwhile. Now I only have 1 expectation and goal, 8 second street car that can still mix it with the best on the Street/Strip/Shows. I was a total amateur to rotary engines before this idea came up and have slowly researched and spent a bit of time around rotors, and now Im dying to have one of my own. Im almost at the state of 'If it aint a rotor it aint a motor', so I cant wait for mine to be ready. This build was planned to kept quite secretive over the past few months mainly as I didnt know what my limits were and what needed to be done to get the car completed. All the work has been completed by Race Solutions up to date, apart from the Vertex Ridge kit by Bodyform. There are a lot of members here which regularly visit RS so any chance of my car being kept quiet was never going to happen with the crowd seeing the car often. There are many things which I havent decided on and even if I have, I have kept to myself. I havent got a final deadline for when the car wil be ready, mainly because once it is driving I will be racing it straight up before it gets paint, trim and all the final touches thrown at it. I made sure that I didnt cut any corners in the build and only the best of the best parts and workshops have been asked to do work on it thus far. Qik specs of car as is currently and planned in the near future: 20B Bridgeport Turbo Engine Borg Warner Turbo 2 x 40mm Waste gates 3.5"-4" exhaust system Intercooler, Oil Cooler, Trans Cooler 2000hp fuel system Alloy rad C4 Auto Gearbox with Transbrake 9" Diff with 40 spline axles Mini tubs 4-link rear end suspension Roll cage Parachute & Wheelie Bars for drag Vertex Ridge Wide body kit Billet Specialities Drag Wheels Big thanks to various shops who have given me direction and good service along the way: -Race Solutions -Bodyform -Dahtone Racing -Craft Differentials -Rocket Industries I will keep this thread updated as major progress happens. Bren
  3. 20B S15

    Filmed from my best mates R32 GTR.
  4. 20B S15

    Car was only completed at 6am on Saturday of Powercruise so haven't even driven it much. Will get more seat time and then drag it. Have the drag parts and setup ready to bolt on and go.
  5. 20B S15

    Car didn't end up 20B but this is the final product. LSX15
  6. 20B S15

    Killer Customs
  7. 20B S15

    Long over due update but just to keep this thread some what alive...
  8. You should easily make 230kw. I made 258kw at 17psi on pump fuel stock motor apart from cams. GT2871r 56trim 0.86 exhaust Tomei Poncams - 256/256 Stock Valve springs Apexi Power FC with Z32 AFM Ran without a problem for 2 years until i sold setup. Full boost was around 3500rpm.
  9. Diffuser looks awesome. Speedfab boys definitely do a good job!
  10. 20B S15

    I ended up pulling it out of previous chassis shop as its been there since August 2009 and still not finished. New chassis builder is unreal and has already hooked in big time. Car will be leaving him within a month to next stage - mechanicals. Pics of car as it came out of previous shop: And 1 for the dish lovers: Will update more photos once chassis is finished.
  11. Thought it would be worth putting up a topic on my weekend/cruiser. Bought this to enjoy on the road as the S15 got out of hand and is virtually a track only vehicle now. Needed to have a quick street car to enjoy and take my mind off the stress of building cars. S15 Build: http://nissansilvia....=20b%20s15&st=0 Specs: -Built 2.5l motor -Sleeved -CP Pistons -Argo Rods -14mm PBMS Head Studs -ACL Bearings -Cosworth Inlet Manifold -Phenolic Spacers -TGV Deleted and welded up -Garrett GTX35r billet turbocharger with 0.82 T3 rear -Tial V44 external wastegate -3" Intake Pipe with K&N Filter in enclosed box -Kando Dynamic Equal Length Headers -ETM 3" dump pipe -Invidia 3" Turbo back system with titanium tip -Turbosmart Type 2 BOV plumbed back -Front Mount Intercooler painted black -PWR Alloy Radiator -Motec M800 PnP ECU -Turbosmart E-boost 2 -Injector Dynamics ID1000cc injectors -Bosch 044 Fuel Pump -HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator -Stock STi Rims painted matte black -Kumho KU-36 - 215/45R17 tires - brand new (400km old) -Had TE37SL (19x9.5 +22) all round on the car but have changed to XXR527 (18x9.5 +20) for the next few months. -BC BR Coilovers with camber tops all round -DBA 5000 T3 slotted front rotors - 2-piece -DBA 4000 T3 slotted rear rotors -Endless SSY Pads all round -Jim Berry Carbotic Race Clutch with 3500LB pressure plate -Carbon Fibre Front Lip Spoiler -Grillcraft Front Grill and Bonnet scoop grill -Roof, Rear window spoiler and boot spoiler wrapped in Carbon vinyl wrap -05 WRX Tail lights -Full custom Tan Leather interior - soon to be changed to half cage and fixed back race seats with harnesses -Inalfa aftermarket sunroof -Window tints -Alpine ipod head unit IDA-x100 -2 x 10" subs in the boot running off a Pioneer monoblock amp -Pioneer splits in the doors running off a Pioneer 4ch amp -Dynamatted front doors -Alpine steering remote Car is currently tuned on E85 and makes 320awkw @ 26psi. I still have the factory fuel lines so this needs upgrading along with injectors and another pump and I can run around 32psi boost and hopefully make another 40-50kw. Stock heads and cams are the major limiting point at the moment. Plan is to change them when engine bay gets painted. This, along with everything else, should help see around 450awkw. Full feature on car is available here: http://www.street-co...aka-wpnsti.html
  12. NSW Spotted Thread


    Ive ordered a couple of manifolds from Kyle at 6Boost and never had a problem dealing with him. Price is definitely justified by quality of product and service, in my opinion. Would definitely use his skills again.
  14. 900hp SR20VET S13

    Insane man. Big congrats!
  15. r33 s2 diff into s14

    theres one thing u dont know about me jim, ill hit a kid if he kicks me in the d!ck very on topic
  16. WPNSTI - 2006 Subaru WRX STi

    For Sale: http://www.rexnet.com.au/forum/index.php?/topic/146245-wpnsti-2006-subaru-wrx-sti/page__p__2078665&do=findComment&comment=2078665
  17. 20B S15

    Hopefully car is home in 2 weeks from chassis builder so watch this space! Someone buy my STi so I can finish it off quicker: http://nissansilvia....l=&fromsearch=1
  18. WPNSTI - 2006 Subaru WRX STi

    Updated pics!
  19. WPNSTI - 2006 Subaru WRX STi

    About -4deg, only way I could get the wheel+tire combo to fit even with lipped and pumped guards
  20. Another goddamned Westinghouse S15

    Sick build so far man. Just one thing I noticed, you can actually run a bit more camber on the fronts. You have to remove the two allen key bolts hitting the plate and mount them in the holes closer to the other ones. The actual strut part of the coilover will touch the edge of the camber plate if you do this.
  21. S15 2002, SR Build with conversions

    Sounds good bud...good quality parts in that list.
  22. tilt tray for a low car

    http://www.prostreettowing.com.au/index.asp Joe is not going to be the cheapest but the best never are. Once you use Joe, other towies do not compare. The extra cost is easily outweighed by the service.