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  1. I'm after a good structural condition S15 jap spec rear bar. Paint quality or colour doesn't matter. Must be located in Sydney, NSW for viewing before purchase. SMS offers to 0450 906 351.
  2. 20B S15

    Filmed from my best mates R32 GTR.
  3. 20B S15

    Car was only completed at 6am on Saturday of Powercruise so haven't even driven it much. Will get more seat time and then drag it. Have the drag parts and setup ready to bolt on and go.
  4. 20B S15

    Car didn't end up 20B but this is the final product. LSX15
  5. 20B S15

    Killer Customs
  6. 20B S15

    Long over due update but just to keep this thread some what alive...
  7. You should easily make 230kw. I made 258kw at 17psi on pump fuel stock motor apart from cams. GT2871r 56trim 0.86 exhaust Tomei Poncams - 256/256 Stock Valve springs Apexi Power FC with Z32 AFM Ran without a problem for 2 years until i sold setup. Full boost was around 3500rpm.
  8. Diffuser looks awesome. Speedfab boys definitely do a good job!
  9. 20B S15

    I ended up pulling it out of previous chassis shop as its been there since August 2009 and still not finished. New chassis builder is unreal and has already hooked in big time. Car will be leaving him within a month to next stage - mechanicals. Pics of car as it came out of previous shop: And 1 for the dish lovers: Will update more photos once chassis is finished.
  10. NSW Spotted Thread


    Ive ordered a couple of manifolds from Kyle at 6Boost and never had a problem dealing with him. Price is definitely justified by quality of product and service, in my opinion. Would definitely use his skills again.
  12. 900hp SR20VET S13

    Insane man. Big congrats!
  13. r33 s2 diff into s14

    theres one thing u dont know about me jim, ill hit a kid if he kicks me in the d!ck very on topic