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  1. S14a OEM Springs

    Hi, In need of standard s14a springs. Brisbane or Gold Coast area. Will consider other areas if postage is not too much.
  2. s14a parts and other junk

    Hey mate, where in QLD? Im in Brisbane area, interested in the struts and springs. Lowered or standard springs? Ignore my info saying NSW, Im new to QLD
  3. Pyro, i suspect i have similar facial hair to you. You said no to the electric razor. I was planning on getting a decent one next week. What did you not like about them? Did you try them much? I have found inconsistent results with razors, so I was thinking the electric would be more consistant. I have also heard that you need to do it for a while so that your skin can adjust. After your speil, I will definitely be buying a double edge, but due to the quality of your info, I would like to here your thoughts on electric.
  4. I have a full CES system, have had it for 6 years. Love it to death since i do a lot of long trips and I have never once had anyone complain about the noise.
  5. Motorbike overcharging

    Hi, My bike blows up batteries. I have got a new (second hand) motor and it has an electrical problem. I thought it may have been the voltage regulator, got a new one, no difference. I swapped stators, no diff. So I got my multimeter and tested the old and new stators by measuring the AC voltage coming out of each of the three wires coming out. On both stators I got 13 to 15 V on two of the wires and 22V on the third. Is this normal? What does this mean? How do i fix it? Cheers
  6. Rego in Wollongong

    Cheers ready4takeoff. And im not willing to take it to where I normally go as it is an 8 hour return trip and i will have to waste a day of leave.
  7. Rego in Wollongong

    Hey Sorry if this has been done before, but i have searched. This year i may be stuck and have to get my rego done in wollongong. Does anyone know where I can take my car so that it does not get abused? Any help would be great. Cheers, John
  8. Paint coming off Work VS-XX Wheels

    Not while i owned them. Cleaned with water once and i am unaware of any brake fluid, but i would say i would have noticed.
  9. I bought these Work VS-XX rims probably about 2 or 3 months back 2nd hand off a site sponsor and I noticed a change over the time I have had them. It looks almost like the clear coating on the face is coming off. It has odd white marks appearing from what looks like nowhere. It is not on all wheels which is what I find weird. Has anyone had this happen to them? What would have caused it? How do I stop it? Cheers, John
  10. Im down in wollongong but only just saw this. Is it possible to just rock up there in the morning to join on? I have to entertain some germans for a while but they may be gone by 11am. If not what time are people expecting to get to Towragi Beach Hotel. I dont know anyone but though i may as well make an appearance.
  11. Redline MT-90

    what was your gearbox like before you put the LWSP in and what oil was in it before?
  12. Redline MT-90

    I have spent ages searching and am thinking of Redline MT-90 into my s14a box. I want to know ppls opinions on this particular oil. I have read things on other sites about it coming out cloudy and full of brass. Has anyone had any issues with it. I want proper information, not _____ ftw. I have read _____ ftw, which does not actually make me any more informed on the topic. I have definitely searched as i have reached a point where certain members end up contradicting themselves in different topics and arguing to the death that they are correct in all situations. If it helps my gearbox is not crunchy and i am want the correct friction to line up my syncros properly. Cheers in advance

    My thought exactly. I have been applying to a number since i am a recent engineering graduate so i am pretty aware of how this stuff works. This seems a little suss. Pls give full details. company, website, CPEng sponsorship or not.
  14. car still vibrating! 85+km

    hahahaha seriously how can something that doesn't rotate cause a vibration? harmonics allowed by poor tolerances/play cause by bush wear i have had experiences with it myself working on continuous miners, so i know it is possible have seen a number of vibration tests where bearing wear was not the cause.
  15. Dual side intercooler ?

    that is the single dumbest thing i have ever heard (wait, no. that guy that put sand in his honda to port the intake and exhaust) less piping is better mate, the gains from the 2 cores would not make up for the 8km of piping