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  1. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Best idea yet. Heh If you get your suspension sorted out to the point where you feel comfortable driving then just leave it until something breaks, or you can't go any faster.
  2. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I try to run mine around 32 hot... I tend to forget to check them after a session, and at Wakefield I ran the day and only checked them at the end... Found out I was on around 28 hot or something stupid. Haha I find 32 works well for my tyres, but you might need to play around with yours a little. It does vary somewhat. I'm still running the 2871r... It's somewhat responsive... I think it only really gets laggy in the back section before the front straight.
  3. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    230 these days I think... I like your plan re: raising to level out the arms and increase the caster... I think from just those two you'll see a significant improvement. Also wasn't too sure if I skipped over it, but what pressure do you run your tyres at?
  4. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Sorry Dan... I haven't been keeping up to date with this so missed all the conversation about suspension geometry before, otherwise I would have commented then. In the sil I'm running 10/8 coilovers, dampers at hard up front and mid on the rear, standard sway bars, 3.5 deg front and 2 deg rear camber, 8-9 deg front caster. I've also got 225/50R16 Toyo R1R tyres. Still no additional aero besides factory. There's probably a bit of tweaking required, but as it is the car feels pretty planted at Winton. 120+ around the sweeper, and over 180+ on the straight. Very minimal slip too when the tyres are still fresh. Last day there had me doing a 1:39. I'm surprised you're finding it as difficult as you are.
  5. Sealing S13 Rear Firewall - Surge Tank Setup

    Do rivets... Rivets always look better.
  6. WTB - s13 CA driver seat (or possibly others) - VIC

    I have a driver's side CA18 seat if you're still looking for one. Located in SE suburbs.
  7. [VIC] TOMEI 600cc injectors and S13 Brick Headlights

    Injectors added and price update.
  8. Item: 1 x set of S13 brick style headlights. 4 x 600cc TOMEI top feed injectors. Description: Headlights: No damage or any broken mounts. Comes with a set of H4 4300k HIDs Can provide pictures if required. I think we all know what these lights look like though. Injectors: Used but in good working condition. Were just recently removed from my CA18DET running 208rwkw. Comes with all o-rings and seals. Price: Headlights: $425 $395 neg Injectors: $395 $350 neg Location: SE suburbs Melbourne Willing to post?: Pickup preferred, but will post if required Contact: Reply in thread or PM
  9. Track days worth travelling for!

    Lots of that too... Just keep an eye on the events coming up. Also not all hillclimb events are CAMS... We run days at Haunted Hills under AASA.
  10. Track days worth travelling for!

    There's heaps of grip events at Winton... Big one at the end of the year is the Winton 300. 100 lap endurance race.
  11. E85

    I was referring to Kemp's story...
  12. E85

    What's the alternative to a breathalyzer with a straw? I've never seen anything else.
  13. That's one of my main problems... I'd say "Yeah yeah, I'll take pics along the way." And then by the time I remember to grab the camera the job is done. Heh
  14. Noise from left rear suspension.

    I'm not quite sure I'm following you here... So what you're trying to say is that you jacked the cat up this morning and the movement from the wheel was coming from a loose nut that connects the 5 stud hub. So after tightening them the movement from the wheel is gone. You also checked the bushing from the lca and they seem ok when you put a massive heavy duty screw driver in there didn't seem to have any noticeable movement. So, this leaves you with thinking your exhaust might be hitting something. But the car is now getting align so you're seeing what the aligner say. And you're asking us what do we think if it's none of those things you've said above. Is that right?