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  1. Hi all My s15 clutch is going to die soon so i bought an exedy HD clutch. I have heard a few stories saying that the flywheel needs to be machined, and some ppl saying it cannot be machined. What;s the go?
  2. Business Details

    Hey guys, I bought an air filter and boost gauge off jacky and he is quick on delivery and is a friendly guy. Easy to contact and deal with! A+!
  3. Hi all i have an S15 Silvia (auto) and I have a problem with my car blowing the ignition fuse. Usually it happens after I change gears, eg from REVERSE to D or something similar. At first I deducted it was headunit or alarm wiring but all have been wired up profesionally and I have concluded it happens after I change gears. It doesnt happen everytime i change gears on the auto box, maybe 5/10 times? What could be causing this?
  4. Keep blowing ignition fuse?

    hey off the clock its the one in the cabin, near the pedals. its a small 10 amp fuse...
  5. Hi all I have an auto jap spec S15 Silvia. I have aftermarket headunit and aftermarket tail lights and a two way pager alarm. Lately, it has blown the ignition fuse a few times. the ignition fuse that correlates to the auto transmission. obviously the car wont start when the fuse is blown! so i have to replace it then i am able to start the car again. Sometimes it blows while I am driving, I notice this because the car will feel sluggish and the computer will try shut the car down. It feels like the handbrakes are on... Something is shorting somewhere. I've reset the computer, checked wires, check groundings...I can't find ANYTHING. Has anyone had this happen to them? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.