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  1. Thanks Budi, ill post some fitment pics when they arrive.
  2. Item Summary: 1991 NISSAN 180SX , Location: NT: Darwin Postcode: 0812 Odometre: 160,000 kilometres Asking Price: $14,500 Condition: Used Reason for Selling: House Deposit. Delivery Methods: PickUp Contact Info: PM or Phone. Extra Information: 1991 Nissan 180sx SR20DET 2L Turbo 160,000km (81,000km on motor) Engine Garrett GT2871R Turbo /w Cams Nismo 550cc Injectors PowerFC /w Hand Controller Z32 Airflow Meter Blitz Electronic Boost Controller Full 3” Trust Exhaust New Nismo Engine Mounts Custom Rajab Racing FMIC Apexi Stainless steel air intake Engine Dampener 220rwkw dyno sheet. Exterior Full respray in Aztec Red, De-badged Vertex kit with Type X front lights Genuine 4 stud Work Meisters, 17x8+25, 17x9+35 (+15 /w spacers) Rolled rear Guards Black Altezza rear lights Black roof and bonnet (comes with a red bonnet also) Interior Type X Interior Full sound system /w Sub, Amp etc. Digital Climate control Turbo Timer Boost Gauge Alarm /w Keyless entry Suspension Front and Rear Strut Brace Tien HA Coilovers 8kg, 6kg Slotted Brake Rotors 2nd owner in Australia bought in 2004 pretty much stock and all the mods bought were new. I’ve done 60,000km’s over the 6 years and has run exceptionally well. Other then swapping to a type x motor after the bearing started making some noise in 2008. Car has not been off the road for any other reason. Tuned by Dr Drift and more recently Anthony Rodriguez. Car has been well looked after, serviced regularly and for its age its in great condition. Some cracks on the bodykit which I’ll touch up these next few days. No swaps or low ball offers, I’m in no rush to sell as I still enjoy driving it. $14,500. PM or SMS 0424003035 – David
  3. Sr20 manual gearbox

    I have a sr20 box advertized for $280. Runs, syncros ok but has some noise when clutch is dis-engaged. PM me.
  4. Hey guys, More then half way through the the project of putting the mechanical running gear from a type x into a earlier model 180sx and wondering who else has done this and what problems did you encounter? There are alot of differences between a sx and type x expecially in the wiring aspect, were using the engine loom from the type x and body loom from the sx. I know the ECU pinouts are different so ill have to play around with that, but do you guys know anything else that may cause problems when it gets to the stage of turning her over, whether it be electrical or mechanical? Were not going to be using the ABS system but and i understand that there is some plugs going to the diff/rear assembly? I havent been able to find a definitive list of differences between the two models. Also, how much $$$ does a type x ABS unit go for these days? Thanks again NS!
  5. Phuket/Thailand

    got back from full moon party about 3 months ago. Amazing, exceeded all expectations. I dare say better then oktoberfest and other world wide events ive been too. Drinking from a bucket on a beach with a shroom mountain with thousands of people is my idea of fun holy shit! Going back in 2 weeks for the december Full moon. So epic. Ive been thaialnd 5 times now all around. Anyone looking for a week of absoulte fun go Koh Phangan instead of phuket. Phuket gets boring very quickly, plus its no where as near as beautiful as koh phangan.

    Customer service and delievery was great, but i do need to let other people know as this did my head in and caused me alot of grief. The grade of the material wheelnuts that come with it are pretty much made out of butter, chrome coloured butter. You can fit them fine but good luck trying to get them off without stripping pretty much every single one of them. No they werent done up with a rattle gun or excessive force and yes i have done this before its all very straight foward business. No flame intended, but instead people try to GET YOUR OWN. However i do hope ISC look into this. Trust me, not worth the hassle i dont wish it upon anyone else. We lost 2 faithful sockets that day.

    MODEL OF CAR: 180sx CAR’S PURPOSE: Street DESIRED CAMBER FRONT AND REAR (IF KNOWN): 1.5 front SUSPENSION MODS OR PLANS: TIEN HA’s DESIRED LEVEL OF GUARD WORK? Inner lip roll and slight flare STRETCHED TYRES OR NOT: Either DESIRED WHEEL WIDTHS: 17x8 +28F, 17x9 +35R DESIRED TYRE WIDTHS (IF KNOWN): 215/45F, 235/45R OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES? Putting 20mill spacers on the rear (making it 17x9 +15), fitted them the other weekend and didn’t want to drive as it may have damaged guards. In the process of going panel beater and getting inner lip tucked in, and perhaps slight flaring. How many mills on flare recommended? Cheers!
  8. Injector indentification

    thanks guys ill post up a pic tommorrow.
  9. Hey ns.com, I've got my hands on a type x and one of the first things ive noticed is that the injectors are blue. Anyone know what brands have blues that suit a SR20? Google didnt help me this time round. Off memory i think sard may. Any help apprieceated. Whether its been chipped or any other mods im unsure ive only had a quick look and left. Cheers!
  10. iSnack 2.0

    Yep shit name. When it comes to vegemite you dont f**k around. Maybe could have gotten away with iMite...but iSnack 2.0? Thats just begging for a curb stomp. Read in a news article the dude that suggested it heard it over the radio and jumped out of his seat in excitment, his name will be written down in history. Lets just say you wouldnt want to be known as 'that iSnack guy'.
  11. sr 20 wanted

    We need more info champ, if you need one so badly i would recommended giving us more to work on. Are you looking for one to suit rebuild, running block, half cut, certain parts etc.
  12. Phuket/Thailand

    Leaving in 2 weeks to the july full moon party and another few weeks in phuket shits going to get messy! Been to Thailand a few times now and the advice given here is pretty much spot on.
  13. Michael Jackson

    They have confirmed micheal jackson died of food posioning, he ate some 12 year old nuts
  14. Sell your cars and go travel!

    Alot of people worry about the secuirty in dorms which is understandable. I stayed in dorms of up to 36 people in it and you would think people would be out to get you... but over the 6 odd months security was on my mind but it never caused an issue, nothing stolen etc (except our towels!). Theres a degree of unspoken trust, the fact that other people are also leaving all of thier belongings in the same room im sure they are thinking the same thing. Just be sure to keep things out of site out of mind. I left 'traps' or placed things on my bag in a certain way to test if anyone went thru my bag but it never happened.
  15. Sell your cars and go travel!

    that snorrz huh.... yea if you 2 get your shit together come fukin with!!!