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  1. Sold my S15 a few years back and found these GKTECH V2 rear camber and rear toe arms in the garage. They are still in the box and unused, only opened the box to inspect when I bought them. $160 each or $300 for the set. Please contact me on zero43000095two if interested. I don't go on the forums much. Pics of box below: http://imgur.com/5rBwzxd

    Got lucky years ago! Parts are SOLD!

    Hi Guys, Found a few parts in the shed from when I had my S15 and need to clear up space. I've got the stock side mount intercooler with duct and stock suspension. Condition is decent, they've been in storage for the past 4 years. Pick up only, located in Holsworthy. Please send me a text on 0430000952.
  4. moving to sydney

    If you're gonna be working in Liverpool take a look around Wattle Grove or Chipping Norton near the river. Can get yourself a nice new house for ~500 a week in relatively quiet areas. Only a 10 minute drive to Liverpool aswell.
  5. Dynamat

    Hi All, Wondering if anybody here does or knows somebody who does cash jobs for sound systems? I wanna get dynamat installed in my boot and doors of my S15, I've already got the bulk pack. Also need to re-wire my system to neaten it up. Shoot me a PM! I would prefer closer to Liverpool area but don't mind travelling too far. Cheers!
  6. Hi All, Need to get a TV aerial plug installed in my room. Located in Liverpool area. Please PM me if interested for more details. Cheers!
  7. Rebuild/ Replace Motor in ACT

    Hey guys, got a good friend who has a Nissan Patrol and his motor blew, I have been out of the car game in Canberra for a while, who would be a good mechanic to do this sort of work in the area, he got a quote for 13k so far to replace it with a wreckers motor. I had a look in the pinned list, but i guess this is slightly diff. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Isuru
  8. Tyre shop that rolls guards

    I had a look at that thread already. I want to get it done at a shop and I've contacted Road & Race and they charge a shitload...
  9. Hi all just got a quick question. Does anybody know of any good tyre shop that can also do a GOOD job rolling and/or flaring guards? I live in the Liverpool area... I got new rims and want to get the tyres from my old rims swapped over but theres no way i'll be able to drive home without my tyres getting raped and I want to get it all done in one place as opposed to calling a mobile guard roller. Any help is appreciated!
  10. Kumho KU36 Blitz

    4 x KU36 235/40/17 delivered to Sydney 2173 and 4 x KU36 235/45/17 delivered to Sydney 2173 and also Federal 595 RS-R in same sizes Cheers!
  11. Quick question, now that RaceSpec went bust who is the official D-MAX distributor in AUS? I'm looking at buying a few pieces for my S15... Cheers!
  12. New Lexus LfGh - What Do You Think?

    I woudln't really call it a poor mans Audi considering it is in the same class and will most likely cost a similar amount...
  13. my s15

    haha ahhhk i dont hit much traffic... get in at 7 and leave at 3. beauty of Optus man! lemme know when put some up. flick me an email and work sometime, Matt Turnbull Will do mate. If you get an email from Sajid Abdullah don't be freaked out lol.
  14. my s15

    Hahaha nah I drive a white S15 with aero kit, no pics yet until it looks good lol. I daily my camry to work but, only take the S15 if i'm bored. Traffic to Mac Park is too shit to daily the S15 lol.
  15. my s15

    Another Optus employee aye? I always see your car parked outside building D in the 4 hour zone and wondered if you were on the forums lol