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  1. How old are u and what import you drive?

    23yrsold, own a 1996 180sx Type X. Absolutely love the car as it is my first turbo . Just a curious question though, I often see these cars for sale and the amount of people who actually enquire to buy it is crazy! And it still maintains good value. What would/are be your reasons for sale? What would/are be your reasons to re purchase or purchase a 180sx (Type X or not) ? Seems to happen more often than I think haha!
  2. As promised, My 180sx Type X photo!

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking! Personally I was just going to do exterior, canards, front splitter etc. Just for looks, im happy with the way it drives Personally, I wouldn't be drilling into or gluing things to a decent Type X bar, expecially when it's to install aero you won't be using or testing/developing further for track days. Ohhh, I should probably just look at if anything needs a cleanup or replacing (due to age) ? I mean that's probably a good idea, I do want this car to last. And you all have a point really, keeping it close to what it is, would be beneficial. Thanks for the advice guys, appreciate it really!
  3. As promised, My 180sx Type X photo!

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking! Personally I was just going to do exterior, canards, front splitter etc. Just for looks, im happy with the way it drives
  4. As promised, My 180sx Type X photo!

    You aren't making 195kw at 7psi on a T28. Invest in a boost gauge and see what boost it's actually running, then inspect the car to confirm how much of the parts list is true. If it's genuinely running 7psi, the next mod would be to get it tuned. Oh forgot to mention that the list is from the previous owner. It isn't my own! But yeah I see what you're saying haha Not stating that the KW is my own !
  5. 5 Stud Conversion (On Lenso Venom 3's, just changed from S14 Stock wheels.) R32 GTR Brakes Front and Rear. DBA Rotors & Intima Pads Front and Rear. HSD Coilovers Subframe Aluminium Bushes GK Tech Braided brake lines S15 T28 Turbo S15 Injectors 255 Fuel pump Power FC 195KW Front Mount Trust pell Catback Running on 7 psi. Had to change the clamps for the intercooler pipe (Came loose when I hit boost and also because it's rusted.) Servicing it this weekend, (previous owner said he did it recently, but servicing it myself for peace of mind.) Not sure what to do next because it looks so clean already. And not sure what to add to the mod list (mainly because it's fine the way it is, using this baby as a daily thats why.) Overall, I'm so happy that I've achieved one of the milestones I set for myself.
  6. I heard and researched that this is a common occurrence, of the pipes being blown loose when hitting boost. So today I'm pretty sure I've just experienced that issue. I say I'm pretty sure, because I was on my way to work I hit boost, and I'm only running at 7 psi. As soon as boost kicked in, I heard a loud POP from the engine bay and the car started to bunny hop, and then low revving and wouldn't accelerate. I parked on the side and then the engine turned off. Started up again, and it would rattle, and rev with a low RPM spiking up and down to I'd say mid way to 1 and then to 1, then it'd drop and it'd stall. I then went to open the hood, turned on the engine again, the engine shook like crazy. I could see my gear stick shaking like mental also. I went to look at the engine bay as the car was on before it stalled, and heard like hissing "WFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" noise coming from the throttle body/intercooler side of the engine. (THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ENGINE) as i recall. Should I be worried? I called up two of my mates who own 180's and know their way around SR20's. And they both said it's just that I blew my pipe. Easy fix they told me. Couldn't linger around to try and fix, my mate happened to be close by and took me to work! (Lucky me). My heart dropped when I heard that POP sound.
  7. 180sx headlights stuck

    OMG HEY! I DO HAVE THAT BOX LOL. I never knew what it was, so I left it untouched HAHAHAHAHA. I feel so stupid. Thank you so much!
  8. 180sx headlights stuck

    Hey guys! Don't mean to hijack this post or anything, but seeing as there is a thread about headlights I'd like to add an issue of my own if anyone can help. So for some reason my headlights do, I guess three levels of retracting. Completely down. Midway up. Completely up. Not sure if that's just me lol but thats how I found it. When I do turn the headlights on. It goes ALL THE WAY UP which is good. Okay. When I turn it off, when it's supposed to retract all the down. It stays midway? Now heres the thing, I tried pressing the button that retracts the headlights, and when I do The headlights go all the way down for just a second, and then goes to Midway up when everything is off. I'm sorry if this issue isn't clear, i'm going by what I've witnessed and fiddled around with so far.! Hope you guys can help!
  9. I actually never thought of just retrimming the leather back. Hmm.. I'll have a look, and now that I know it's illegal to remove the airbag, I probably won't end up doing the aftermarket steering wheel. Thanks heaps!
  10. Hello friends! The current factory steering wheel is all worn and tearing, and I was thinking if I should install an aftermarket steering wheel? Any recommendations? Not too pricey if possible and is there like a certain fitment for it? Thanks in advance fellow members !
  11. Picked up my Type X last night!

    Hey thanks for the reply mate! If I don't know how to do that, because I really don't trust myself to remove it by soldering it. Is there a way I can get someone to? Mechanic? Thanks again!
  12. Hey guys! Some of you's have been following my recent posts and I finally picked up my Type X last night!!! I'm ecstatic about it knowing it's in my driveway now. But this post isn't about me mainly being happy I've purchased one, but I need some help! So far, couple of things come to mind when I had a fair amount of time driving it yesterday. The previous owner stated that the clutch needs changing due to wear and its about to slip. Engine mounts need changing also. He also mentioned that there is an ABS light showing on the dash and has no idea why. The front bar is a bit loose! I can see it hanging with gaps from the car itself! So here is my experience of the drive, I will put in what I think is wrong and will gladly take feedback and advice because i am NEW to the whole thing. The general ride felt smooth when I got it going, but on idle the car kinda shook, a consistent shake but it wasn't a major problem because it wasn't a large vibration. My take on that: I'm thinking it's just the adjustment of the coilovers (HSD coilovers). The seller raised it up for me, so it does need aligning but I feel like the car is a bit rough and bumpy is due to the adjustment or it could be the engine mounts? Thats what i've thought about it. As for the ABS light, I've looked through the net and found a thread here and it mentioned that the relays may be stuffed up, so Im going to have a look tonight and see if it is the problem. If so, I will order new relays so I can replace and hopefully that'll get the warning light gone. ALSO! I have placed a sheet of cardboard underneath the car where the engine bay would be. In the morning I have found traces of oil leak, NOT A MAJOR LEAK. I'd say just a couple of drops. My take: I'm assuming it's the sump seal that needs changing which I have. Any other ideas to what might this problem may be? All in all, small minor problems. Hopefully will remain that way as I fix it up in the coming weeks. I am happy to have found a clean Type X. I'm no expert on cars, and I'm open to learning this. Problems will happen with these cars and all i've gotta get out of it is more knowledge. HOPE YOU GUYS CAN HELP! Thanks again! (Don't have photos as of yet, it was night time when I picked up the car.)
  13. Hey guys! I'm located around the South-Western side of Sydney, Liverpool etc. I would like to get my hands on rear selt belts for my 180sx as the rear has none! (Bought it off the previous owner and he removed it and has no idea where it is now) LOL. Appreciate the help
  14. New member, and possible Type X owner

    Hey guys! Just an update, looked thoroughly through the car this week. Heres what I could find also what my mate (mechanic) could tell me. Engine mounts need replacing, clutch is still grabbing but will probably slip soon. Water pump is new and installed recently. New R32 Brakes. Bushes are stable. A tiny bit of an oil leak which the seller has notified me already. Provided new seals in the deal we made. All in all, I am happy to say I've put a deposit for the Type X. Really looking forward to when it's in my driveway and completely mine so I can finally say I officially own one!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYONES HELP AND ADVICE. Will post up photos soon when I get the car, and will become a regular in this forum! Thanks again!