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  1. Recommendations on intercoolers

    I did see someone on here but can't remember who routed pipework through the factory hole for the side mount using a fair amount of custom pipework and silicone joiners. Not sure what that would cause in regards to lag though. Also you would probably have to enlarge the hole as it's just big enough for 2 inch piping
  2. Rear wheel hubs.

    Try taarks. If he doesn't have them online he can order them
  3. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    The other thing I may suggest is to try a different sealant. If you been using the same one now and it's leaked every time, it can't hurt to try something different. Permatex ultra blue has never failed me
  4. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    You can try roughening up the mating surfaces, if they are too smooth the sealant just basically squeezes out when they are pressed together and won't seal. Nothing excessive but if it's a bit rough it will usually help them bond
  5. I've just installed an aem tru boost. It was really easy to install and setup. Plus the fact it's all part of a boost gauge meant one less thing to have to wire up in the car
  6. Where do you buy all your parts from?

    +1 for taarks Customer service is out of this world, can get you pretty much anything too and long as it isn't discontinued . Has most common things in stock and is cheaper then going to Nissan. I don't bother with Nissan as any time I have rung it has to come from Japan and usually they have no interest as it's an import Also try Shamrock Spares in Sydney. John there has pretty much most things second hand. He is really helpful as well. He also carries a large amount of new genuine parts and if he doesn't have it he can get it out of Japan as well. You just have to make a call and ask as not everything he has is on his online or eBay store
  7. Is chain guide needed?

    Is it for an s15? Because the holes will be there for it in the head but they just never ran it.
  8. Is chain guide needed?

    From everything I've read they say that if it is constantly hitting the guide it can actually break off and cause all sorts of issues. Also s15 don't come with them at all so I guess Nissan decided they must not be all that important
  9. I have a J4 type x ecu and when I emailed the guys at nistune about updating the fimware on my board they said they could attach the flex fuel sensor wiring to my ecu While it was there. I just haven't had a chance to do it yet. I would just email nistune and ask they're usually super helpful and quick to respond to any questions
  10. I haven't got any experience with them. But if you have a look at the page you've linked right at the bottom it does say they are compatible with an s15
  11. I would email the guys at nistune. They are really helpful. Also if you are going to get a board installed I would personally just post them your ecu and get them to do it all. Once they see your ecu they will be able to identify what adaptor/board you need anyways and that way you know it's all be done correct
  12. efr 6258 t4

    Sorry to thread hi jack but I was looking up these turbos on gcg's website then started looking at Garrett gtx turbos as I was thinking of getting a gtx2863 for my 180sx and they are saying they are soon to be discontinued. Anyone know what they are going to be replaced with?
  13. Ahh that is my mistake. I knew abs ones were longer then non abs ones because of the sensor and was under the presumption they were long nose ones. Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry for the miss information
  14. I would look underneath your car first and take some photos and measurements that way when you go to the wreckers you can be sure it will fit Remember you'll no longer have a helical lsd it will be a viscous one too Edit: removed incorrect info
  15. Retro Fitting ABS in S13?

    You'll find most people removing it are just deleting the abs pump. Everything else would be staying in the car. Too much hassle to pull it all out