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  1. Does anybody use this forum anymore? Lol
  2. Hi guys, Any recommendations of a drift day I can do here in Sydney/NSW? I haven’t had a drift car for 2 years now and I have been living in Sydney for coming up a year now and I need to feel the buzz of drifting again without having my own car as I’m not quite in the position to have one yet. I’m not interested in doing donuts around cones, figure of 8’s etc looking for more advanced stuff maybe a half or full day. Willing to travel for the right experience and make a weekend of it. Thanks Lewis
  3. I'd love my own shop tbh maybe one day Off back to the UK for 8 weeks soon but when I am back I will be continuing the search for a job in the tuning world
  4. New guy moving to Oz!

    Thanks man! Been loving Oz so far, see loads of S-Chassis on the road which is really cool, very rare site in the UK unless going to meets/track etc
  5. What does everyone do for a living

    Sorry only just seeing this, My Bachelor degree is Motorsport Design and Engineering, was a very fun course! Elec Eng is a very good profession to be in, I have been in Sydney 10 weeks now and I am struggling to find Automotive Design jobs, going home for a few months soon though so will have a better look when I come back.
  6. No dude I wish, some other admirer by the looks lol Really want a white Type X but wont be for a few years until I am settled here.
  7. You was behind a few cars when I seen you to be fair, I meant in general Seen a lot of skid marks around the place lol
  8. Been in Sydney for 2 weeks now, seen a few S-chassis around the inner west mostly S15's. But yesterday I seen the holy grail. White Type X with White Buddy Club P1's possibly. Bet you have some fun on those roads around the National Park
  9. Don't know where you got 30k from in 5 years but there's not doubt they are going up. Badly want a Type X next but not for the reason of appreciation.
  10. Ashley's 180sx Type X

    So sick, I want a white Type X, well I would settle for any colour tbh haha
  11. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

    No mention of what engine it has? Assume D15/D16
  12. still lifting bruhhh?

    I will probably get back into a bit of cardio in the new year but yea I tend to do a lot of uphill stuff, high intensity workouts again to promote fat loss Some good/different exercises there mate will see if its possible to give some a go
  13. still lifting bruhhh?

    I never got down to my 85kg goal as I got bored of cardio and I have been back on the weights about 8 weeks now, weighed in last week at 90kg so starting to put a little bit of muscle mass back on. 4 weeks ago I was 89.5kg and was highly disappointed with my physique but since then I feel even leaner and look better for it. I'm on my 3rd week of training high reps. Currently doing 20 reps and 4 sets of 6 different exercises (one muscle group) at half the weight I would do 10 reps. Its ALOT harder and find myself fatigued a lot more in an effort to promote fat burning and get a final rip on ready for when I come to Oz (6 weeks to go )
  14. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    Fair enough bud I bought a 2nd hand SR22, full Brian Crower stroker. Fitted it and it was white smoking really bad. Immediately ripped the head off and got it skimmed pressure tested and new Tomei gasket. Put it all back together and started it the day before mapping and it was still the same! Had to tear it back down and fully rebuild the motor as the cylinder liner was split on number 1, hopefully this isn't the case for you but its worth checking if you end up taking the head back off
  15. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    Was the head skimmed and pressure tested? I always do this when removing a head especially if it lifted