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  1. Eh i wouldnt date someone who didnt like the smell of drift or that had no idea what car was what so let the dirty russian have her. I know hes keen but like dan all depends on work and such :/
  2. dont go there he will beat you with his cock...... and yet my ex used to call every car at drift prac "skylines" and hated drifting coz it smelt... And there is the reason she is your ex i hope??
  3. dont go there he will beat you with his cock......
  4. Hahaha was awesome watching you slide the back bowl with a flame just out the exhaust and over the A pillar Poor ken got out the car and was like f**k its so hot in there hahaha
  5. I didnt get any pics but there is a video some where!! The best flamage was when i was passenger we spun out and the car wanted to stall flames just kept pouring out the exhaust haha
  6. Cannot wait to get the new front guards on this thing. You can see how high it looks at the front from this picture ugh
  7. If anyone is interested i have a public album on my facebook of yesterdays track day. Cant link it on my phone just go search through kyes and you will get there eventually haha
  8. One of my millions of pictures from yesterday
  9. Had the best fun today. Car ran sweet all day. Only issue was an earthing problem first lap but all sorted. He thrashed the panties off the 32 and i can safely say jaustech did an amazing job on this car even though shes a shitter i can only imagine what if would have been like if we didn't take it to them. Only when i have my way with it!!!
  10. Haha they were discussing this sticker but because some doucher chopped all the guard up it looks so high. I even thought it was still jacked up when elliott went to drive it haha
  11. Actually it nearly didnt haha there was about 1cm on one side that was it haha
  12. And heres me thinking you cant organise a root in a brothel, how wrong am i haha
  13. Dont be hating you get free buttsex from josh so i dont see how your losing here!