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  1. NEW Female Future Drifter , Sharing Track Car Teenage Son

    No I'm in Craigmore S.A sold my SS Ute now looking for our first drift car excited
  2. NEW Female Future Drifter , Sharing Track Car Teenage Son

    Thank you for the reply I'll check out those suggestions. Have been thinking about swapping my SS Ute for a track car any cars up for swaps in Adelaide thanks.
  3. Hi we are new to drift the life and have been researching drift techniques, track days and various cars thinking we will purchase one ready for track with a bit of power etc my husband and older son who's a welder and familiar with metal fabrication are going to be our personal mechanics, hoping I get the hang of it and become a track regular along side my son who can start with our permission just can't be a passenger till 16, he has leant super fast performing correct techniques in his online car simulator within weeks seems a natural. I own high performance cars- HSV R8 Clubsport,WRX ClubSpec4 and a VY SS Ute once tresured a Nissan R34 Skyline(Godzilla) love power. Anyway really wanted to recieve a few drift lessons before heading out alone, wanted a supplied or owned track car with a regular confident track driver to go though stages etc but unsure if this is available in Adelaide tracks.I know about Xpark drift and training track but without car as yet quite expensive and not close Mallala track do practice days with your own car but will keep looking for our very first track car and I'm excited about our families drift future.