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  1. s13 Louvers

    Fucking Not wrong there! Cheers, Andy
  2. Hey Ash yeah that would be great mate! I haven't thought about posting it elsewhere part from sau. Was looking to gumtree or eBay it but have been slack and just thought I'd let it sit here until someone comes past it. Now need to clear the spare. Any traffic you can gather that would be awesome mate. Much appreciated Cheers, Andy
  3. Bump and price drop... $2.4k For a full set of immaculate and original TE37's (NOT resprayed), this is a steal. Just needing to make space in the spare room, so these need to go. Cheers, Andy
  4. Hi All, Have a genuine Ø15mm hose universal 0.3L capacity Cusco catch can BNIB for sale. Only opened to take pictures! The catch can is small enough suited for tight spots in the engine bay. This was the reason I bought it as I didn't have much room in my bay and wanted to keep it looking clean as possible. I never got the chance to fit it as I sold the car. Picture should tell the story! Everything you see is what you get BNIB. Also included is a spare (used) Ø15mm hose, with an adapter to lengthen if required. I actually bought this separately many years back (hence the paperwork/manual in the picture) when I had another catch can to plumb it back into the intake. Can't remember what I paid for this, but given it was from Cusco and being genuine, it did cost premium. Am including this for free, in case you also wanted to plumb it back into the intake! Pretty sure I paid close to the vicinity of $180 or thereabouts to have this delivered to me. I'm after $100 firm, and will Express Post this to you anywhere in Australia. Pick up available (Burwood East VIC), however still firm on $100. Contact number via sms zero four two one 1 2 1 eight one eight. Cheers, Andy
  5. Shit for sale... Genuine Volk Rays Eng TE37 (Matte Black) - Staggered - $2.5k ono pick up Check this thread for full details: http://nissansilvia....l=&fromsearch=1 ============================================================================================ Genuine Origin Carbon Fiber Door Visors (used, but as new – mint condition) - 200ono $150ono pick up This has been trimmed to fit an RS13/RPS13 (180sx). Origin didn't make this for the RPS13, but only for the S13/PS13 (Silvia). As per picture, it has been trimmed and cuts off at the door. It still can be fitted to a Silvia, but it will also cut off at the door (won't continue onto the quarter windows). ===================================================================================== ============================================================================================ ============================================================================================ Various Genuine Stock Nissan Parts for PS13/RPS13 SR20DET (used): Here's a list of stock parts for defect, RWC, and EPA/emissions purposes. I kept or bought all these parts over the time I had my car in case I ever got the dreaded defect (as everyone knows, Victoria is the granny state). These parts were my saving grace as I was able to use them to get 3x defects and 1x emissions test cleared without too much problems! Will get pictures up (hopefully) by the end of the week. Stock exhaust (great condition). Everything is intact, including the exhaust tips - $200ono $150ono pick up[\s] SOLD!!! Stock suspension. Last used was about 2010 to clear a defect and was in good condition. Been sitting in the garage since - $100ono pick up SOLD!!! Stock SMIC (good condition). Pretty sure it is all complete all the way to the throttle body (i.e. cold pipe). Hot pipe not included as that went with the car - $50ono pick up SOLD!!! Stock airbox with filter (good condition) - $100ono pick up SOLD!!! Stock EGR (good condition) - $50ono pick up SOLD!!! ============================================================================================ So yeah, that's it for now. I'll post up more shit when I locate them so remember to check back regularly! Send me a PM for any interest, or shoot me a text on zero 421 one two one 8 one 8. Location is Burwood East, VIC for pick up. Cheers, Andy
  6. Update... All the sold stuff from this weekend have been removed from the first post, so only a few bits and pieces left! Hit me up with an offer on the remaining stuff. Cheers, Andy
  7. Bump... Will consider genuine offers! Need to clear the garage/spare room to free up the space. Cheers, Andy
  8. 4x Nismo Exhaust Hangers (Brand New)

    lol sorry mate, got a text about it 5 minutes after it was posted... If sale falls through will let you know =) Cheers, Andy
  9. 4x Nismo Exhaust Hangers (Brand New)

    SOLD (payment pending)!!!
  10. Bump... First post has been updated with prices and shit that have been sold removed Cheers, Andy
  11. Bump... Prices are ono! Cheers, Andy
  12. braided hose questions

    A plug for Midnight Mods... In fact, I have a set for sale here (http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2444477&hl=&fromsearch=1) $100 posted via Express Post and they are yours! Cheers, Andy
  13. AS NEW rear carpet mats type X 180sx

    ^ Nah Merlz it's the other way around. These are the optional ones! But from what I've found, people are more keen on the standard ones that have the 180sx going down vertically. I sold mine a while back for a nice amount of $$$ =) Cheers, Andy
  14. Just an update all... Was looking at selling the oil on the weekend, only to realise when taking it out that the oil is actually opened I didn't recall opening this oil, but the seal is broken. Bottle appears to be full still so I have a feeling that I opened it up mistakenly when I had another opened bottle already to use. Anyway, I want to move everything asap so looking to sell as follows... 2. 1x Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gearbox Oil 1L (unopened) 3. 4x Motul Inugel Expert Ultra Coolant 1L (unopened) 5. Martini SintEco 40 (10w40) Engine Oil 5L (opened) Give me $50 and take the lot! Cheers, Andy
  15. Bump, will post interstate at buyers expense! Cheers, Andy
  16. Stock airbox with filter (good condition) - SOLD!!! Stock EGR (good condition) - SOLD!!! Genuine Tomei Dump Pipe with EAI (EGR) for PS13/RPS13 SR20DET (BNIB) & Genuine Nissan EGR Pipe (BNIB) - SOLD!!!
  17. Genuine Nissan RPS13 Type X Side Extensions L&R pair (BNIB, although I got them painted stock Type X white colour code 326) - SOLD!!! Genuine Nissan RPS13 Type X Front Bar to Side Extensions Brackets L&R pair (BNIB) - SOLD!!! Rest of the other stuff still for sale. Prices are ono (or nearest offer)! Cheers, Andy
  18. Looking good Ash, very clean mate Cheers, Andy