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  1. Hi Everyone !


    I have designed and manufactured a bracket to suit the classic Skyline into Silvia front seat swap which is currently in pre-sale for shipping next week ! So gone are the days of having to weld on your own custom plate or even running just 3 bolts (hopefully not to many people have gone this route). Now all you need is a spanner, a ratchet, a couple sockets and a nice Saturday arvo and your ready to hit the track with some sweet new seats !


    Here is a link to my website where you can have a look if your interested :) Also use the code "presale20" for 20% off until next Friday.




    Any feedback, questions and even criticisms are encouraged !



    Happy cruising


    Michael @ GAI





    P.S Moderators I checked with Loz before posting this to confirm it way okay :)

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