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  1. Hi Everyone ! I have designed and manufactured a bracket to suit the classic Skyline into Silvia front seat swap which is currently in pre-sale for shipping next week ! So gone are the days of having to weld on your own custom plate or even running just 3 bolts (hopefully not to many people have gone this route). Now all you need is a spanner, a ratchet, a couple sockets and a nice Saturday arvo and your ready to hit the track with some sweet new seats ! Here is a link to my website where you can have a look if your interested Also use the code "presale20" for 20% off until next Friday. http://www.guerrillaautomotiveinnovation.com.au/#!product-page/cba4/e5d5ea33-8a57-5899-bf68-4a47dd2615f5 Any feedback, questions and even criticisms are encouraged ! Happy cruising Michael @ GAI P.S Moderators I checked with Loz before posting this to confirm it way okay
  2. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    From the research I did there seems to be a fair bit of debate and mixed reports on whether the r34 gtt has the same rails as the rest. I thought it would be best be err on the side of caution until I have the chance to test it for myself. It does seem strange to me that nissan would design new rails for that one model though !
  3. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    While that will certainly do the job it won't look anywhere near as neat and is time consuming. However the main reason is a lot of people either don't have access to the tools required or don't want to DIY a solution. This product is for the buyer who wants an elegant solution that can be taken out of the box and bolted straight in
  4. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    Replied mate !
  5. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    Yep it sure does mate !
  6. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the support ! s13k's I have sent you a message !
  7. SEAT SWAPS S13/S14/S15 R32/R33/R34

    Hey everyone ! I have designed and manufactured an easy bolt on, neat and simple solution to this classic seat swap! Available now for sale at: http://www.guerrillaautomotiveinnovation.com.au/#!product-page/cba4/e5d5ea33-8a57-5899-bf68-4a47dd2615f5 Michael @ GAI