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    Yeah of course. Checked injectors today perfect spray. And also checked spark. Have perfect blue spark.

    Hey all, this morning i went out to my car and went to turn her on. She started for a moment and ran. Then slowly died i didnt bother giving it accelerator because i thought she would come back up in the revs. Instead she died, and it just cranks now no start. She was running last night after i fixed a loose positive strap on my battery and ran fine. This morning she ran then died. Things i have checked. Spark plugs, when i pulled them out there was a small bit of oil on 2 plugs, but i gave them a clean and a scrub and put them back in, and also i put a drop of fuel on each cylinder and wacked all the plugs in and fired, she almost wanted to start but then went back to just cranking. My theory is either boost leaks, which ive been having a trouble for a while. Or the ecu. This motor was swapped into my s13 about 2 or 3 months ago and ive replaced ecu it was fine, everythings in good. Someone please help me. This car is my daily and i need to use it to get around thank you!!
  3. SR20DET idling/bogging issues HELP

    I have advanced it otherwise if I put it stock back to normal it will not turn on when I turn the key
  4. SR20DET idling/bogging issues HELP

    I timed the car myself the guy that had the car previously had it all wrong
  5. Recently swapped a sr20det into my s13 doing a de to det conversion car starts up fairly quick and idles and it goes low then almost stalls then going up being low again then again same almost stalls. And if I give it a tap on the accelerator it dies. Note. I have played with the cas. And if I move the cas elsewhere it struggles to turn on at all or if it does turns on for a bit then dies HELP CHEERS
  6. SR20DE to SR20DET Swap

  7. SR20DE to SR20DET Swap

    Anyone out there done an sr20de to sr20det swap and encountered any problems? Ive heard about this 12v power to the coil packs and unsure how to do this. Need some help thank you.
  8. Wiring for Sr20de to Sr20det

    Thank you man, but where does the grey plug solder onto? What loom? Is it together? Or onto the harness or what?
  9. Wiring for Sr20de to Sr20det

    Hello all. Was just down the road at a garage asking about a DET build on S13. I used to have a sr20de in it, until it came out a few weeks ago. And the boss told me about wiring that needs to go with it to run the coil packs. Something to do with the big grey plug as shown on the picture below (not the red plug). Something about green to brown or something on the DET loom. Where abouts do to join and how. Something to do with 12v to relay the coil packs to spark. Has anyone done this? If so let me know because I'm ready to drop my motor in, in about a week. Thank you.
  10. T28 HELP

    Trust me mate not a hobby haha, I'm swapping my motor because can't afford new car. and the cheaper option was a DET swap. Tbh the swaps gone pretty cheap. Almost got everything and its totalled to 700$ including new engine and clutch. All in good condition. I did take that to offence. I believe if you have a hobby even if its expensive you shouldn't just throw in the towel and forgot about it.
  11. T28 HELP

    i know some spacers have water temps on them, can i fitting go ok on that then run back to the turbo?
  12. T28 HELP

    Paid 130$ for T28 and 2 earl braided lines
  13. T28 HELP

    I am doing an engine swap. Im doing a SR20DET build and grabbing small parts off the DE blown motor to help me out with my build. Thank you all but, still unsure where to have my water return going? Thus i have water feed and oil feed, and oil drain, just no water return. As i have no outlets or nipples on my DE water hoses due to that it never had a turbo. Can i somehow tap into the one hoses using a T hose? I will be using braided lines and fitting hopefully. And the guy is douche bag because i demanded 3 braided lines to go for the build and instead he just give me 2 especially i paid good money for the turbo.
  14. T28 HELP

    Hey everyone. Recently bought a T28 to go on my DET build. The douche bag sold me the turbo and only 2 lines. Oil feed and water feed. My question is: Is it possible to run a turbo only with just water feed? And block off the water return with a banjo bolt. I can't be F'ed spending more money on a braided line as it was i paid a good amount for the turbo. Also if i was to buy lines. I have a DE motor heater hoses theres no nipple no the coolant return to go. Where can i tap into to make a coolant return with braided lines and fittings? Cheers.
  15. SR20DE HELP

    What about the blocky one on the right? It has no clip?