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  1. All, I am new to the forum but not skylines. I got my first itch back in 1992 while stationed in Tokyo. I used to "race" HR31 and R30's in Okutama and Kaze on my off time. Now I am in Alice SPrings and I happened upon a 68K km 1997 V-spec. I am looking for some parts to get it back to streetable though. I need some S-tune springs or S-tune similarly rated shocks and springs, a stock airbox and snorkel and the specs for 18x10 wheels all around )non-staggered) so I can get rid of these "tuner" 18x10.5 with stretched 265-35r18's on them. I love the look of the Advan T5 wheels but not the stretched tire and rim extending 1com beyond the rubber. David dunnman99@yahoo.com
  2. Performance parts

    If you come across an R33 RB26DETT stock or aftermarket airbox I would be interested. dunnman99@yahoo.com