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  1. Want to buy s13 silvia lowering springs as cheap as possable. Or chopped stocks
  2. Hey thanks. Turns out the fuse was wrong amp meant to be a 10 was a 20 in it. Melted the wires on the right taillight crossed circuited them all. Temporarily fixed till i get a new look. Fist start of the car since a fixed it an replaced the parker fuse. Now dash cluster bot working only have fuel gauge an clock nothing else moves or lights up
  3. Hey my s13 Qs sr20de blew a fuse a few days ago the one for dash an parker lights. Replaced it the next day an has been fine. Yesterday it all came undone. First as i was driving a spotted dome smoke coming from the steering column surround so i looked for somewhere to stop. About 90 seconds later i finally get to pull over. The car ots full of smoke ( like plastic electronic fire ) an see some coming from the boot. Pop the boot an smoke bellows out. The right hand taillight loom is fryed a wire heated up an melted. The fuse for the parkers etc melted. An now also i have no tail light or brake lights. Then i put my right blinker on it makes the brake lights flash an i can hear a loud click for the parking lock when its in park. As its auto. Any advise would be a massive help i cant work it out at all
  4. ECCS Fault Codes

    Pretty sure mines flashing about 16 times. Car seems to idle a little rougher then usual. An when starting the car in the morning it starts for about a second then dies usualy 4 or 5 times. an on a hot start starts fine then revs drop an it dies unless i pump the gas to keep it up. Fine afterwards.( S13 sr20de )
  5. looking to lower my s13.

    How much are you looking for. Im also after a bonnet an front bar now as got rin of the road his a sign.
  6. looking to lower my s13.

    Well i have never really intended on cutting my springs only ever heard bad things but i have also heard some storys of it not being as bad as some make it out to be. Iv been looking around for lowering springs struts coilovers etc. Cant really find anything that seems decent or even a resonable price. As for handling goes. I am looking for sway bars an all that jaz. Just working on a tight budget at the moment so makes that quite difficult. Especially when i dont know a soul that owns a s13 or anything similar. Anywhere around AUS or NSW to get good second hand part that anyone knows of ?
  7. looking to lower my s13.

    I heard they would a little bit just to improve stiffness an on a lower center of gravity.(higher spring rate) Handling isent so bad just the fact i feel more like im driving a boat not a car. Im saying that i did have a vy commodore that just had lowering springs an that dramatically improved handling as far as making the car somewhat alot stiffer an next to no body roll. Obviously an s13 silvia as i much different suspension set up etc. But im sure the effects would be similar? Stock hight is alot just not my thing. 2 inch wheel gaps 😂
  8. Hey. Im looking to buy some cheap coilovers or even some lowering springs, i was told to just cut mine but i dont see that helping the handling of the car at all just droping the hight. Im also after few other things but not that important at the moment. If anyone has some or knows of anyone could you let me know?