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  1. I believe the part no is b336-5561-100 but not really sure. i need the yellow clipping surrounding that clips in to hold your gearstick boot/cover. See photos attached. If anyone knows where to buy them or happens to have one lying around im happy to pay just for that bit+ postage. Any help would be great thanks!!
  2. WTB 3inch Turbo back exhaust system for s15

    No longer need parts, thanks
  3. No longer need parts . Thanks
  4. Hey guys title says it all, looking to buy s15 dump pipe in good condition, I am in adelaide so anyone selling any flick us a message. Prefer just the dump pipe but if you have dump-front let me know and ill consider it. Thanks!
  5. WTB 3inch Turbo back exhaust system for s15

    Hey guys, just an update , instead of a whole new exhaust all i need is a 3 inch s15 dump pipe now. Thanks
  6. New Member SA- Blue S15

    Yeah, I haven't gone cheap on anything, did the right thing and replaced everything when I got it. I mainly did this so i knew how she should be running. All i am saying is , it felt sluggish and was the main reason i took it to get looked at by a professional and bang something was wrong. Since I have owned it I have managed to put new brakes, new fluids , new windscreen , new spark plugs and replaced a few filters. Putting the 3 inch exhaust on soon along with the walbro fuel pump. Haha its almost like every weekend I am doing something new to it, good fun but a lot nervous work, checking things and then double checking etc. Thanks for the info sleepr got any photos of your 15? I love the ones i have seen driving round SA
  7. New Member SA- Blue S15

    I read aus spec s15s are closer two 146kws, and JDM (tuned) 180kws, no where have i found 100-120 kws and there is definitely issues with mine so unsure where that info is from. The fuel pump is buggered, and my exhaust system is restricting to all shittery. Nothing too bad just getting the parts this weekend to take her in and get it fixed. After that a tune. At the moment shes a weekend car but every time i get into my daily I feel like a peasant and can only think about the s15. I don't know heaps about cars but im slowly learning as i go. My brother owns a 180sx and I have just fell in love with the car scene in SA, people are great , willing to help , talk to you about your car. I get thumbs up and everything from other import owners and I absolutely love having this awesome connection with other car lovers. Fewer things as satisfying as doing something yourself on a car and noticing differences, real sense of achievement. Thanks for your replies.
  8. Hey guys!! So i bought my turbo spec R S15 about 4 months ago and haven't really done anything to it. I took it to Jaustech recently and got a power run to find out it was only putting out 100kws , all is well though shes going in the garage and will be getting fixed up asap. Seen some really cool imports out there in Adelaide! Let me know what you think. Thanks Nick
  9. Hey guys I am looking for a 3 inch turbo back exhaust system for my s15, with or without the cat. South Australia