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  1. I made tubs!

    Thanks Fellas, Yea my mate wanted them to kinda look OEM... and I wont take credit for the size, that was his idea... We put the biggest wheels he would ever run on, lowered the car more than he would ever lower it and calculated the perfect sizes!!!!
  2. I made tubs!

    Apologies if you've seen this on other forums, but anyway. I MADE TUBS So, a good friend of mine asked me if i could weld in tubs he was going to buy from some dude that makes them interstate, He said "I like them because of the cool pattern"> This ofcorse translated in my head as "bet you cant hand make cool tubs" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... He had no idea what he wanted so, but knew if he would like them when he saw it. So it design was left up to me. ^^^ First stages of design^^^ ^^^ Trying out the hand "swagger" lol ^^Nek minnit, decided on this pattern, Decided to make the side wall patterned also! ^^^ if you look closely, I decided to wall off the tubs to the inner part of the side rail thingo ^^^ All painted, Thanks to the talented folks at JAK MOTOR WORKS... Gave some curvature to the side wall bits to accentuate the tubs. ^^^ Close up ^^^ Engine sitting in! Final product I spose, Just need to make cooler piping when I'm ready. THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  3. Time has always been gay'd out sadly.
  4. Price : $1,300 Condition : Used Hey peeps Up for sale is a full set of BLITZ 03 rims. 17x9 all round, unsure of offsets to be honest but pics do the talking on what they sit like 0431242703 please call! Located in Campbellfield, inspection anytime The tiniest bit of rash on only one. the rest are beaut!
  5. Basically, this is whats happening, Matt is a friend of mine, but he dosent know I got others to comment. So I ask, jsut for lulz, Any people willing to comment and say something in relation to what warner brothers should do to commemorate him about his idea! Double troll!
  6. Blast Pipes

    Theres plenty of people out there that buy a tig welder, make blast pipes and call themselves fabricators... if you buy their products... its very loud and you probably will get defected... The only way to be safe about it is buy proper japanese exhaust part... like TRUST DD exhaust system http://www.rmsmotorparts.com.au/images/Brands/TRUST/exhaust/tr_dd/dd_Muff340.jpg They are very rare because they are a discontinued item. But I have one of these that I have no need for, so if your keen shoot me a pm
  7. Damn you NS!!! lol Well I was amazed... I was amazed at taking the mouse apart!!! btw Enflamed, that chick in your DP is a friend of mine! her boobs aren't that hooge lol.
  8. LOL, It will brighten up your day, knowing there are people out there that are making technology to make the world better, rather than use said technology to blow people up.
  9. PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ6uXRU-U-U&feature=related Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyehSI06JwA&feature=relmfu Part 1 i the mass explanation... Part 2 is where shit gets real! DISCUSS
  10. DIABLO 3!

    http://www.facebook.com/groups/373955815990025/ D3 Trade and play fb group
  11. awesome bars

    haha yeh i got no money so ive started collecting empty spirts/alchie bottle and with fill em up with tea or water+food dye, to fill up the gaps haha will look epic since the over head will be lite up with deep red LEDs cheers man, i'll try those programs out no biggie atm tho as majority of the class is hand drawing their designs, so this will appear much more technical, professional and 100% to scale looking into becoming a mechanical engineer if all the other math and science subjects go according to plan at the end of the year mate it was either the bar or build this.... (below) but it would just collect dust untill i lose my liscense haha bar is much more useful Just saw finished product pics of your bar, thats f**king epic! As for the bike thou Id love to build it for shits n giggles with ya. (metal fabricator here)
  12. Hey guys, YEARS ago when I had my R32 GTR, I bought the places [RCBRED] which is ment to say Race Bred, In unofficial link with the RB26dett. Its been sometime now and I dont have the GTR anymore, Despite my vision of oneday owning a R34 GTR and rocking these plates, I dont think the time will come. Im not sure if anyone would like these plates, But i certainly did and a few people Ive met predict Id be able to get a good price for them, Some say over a grand, Some say a few grand, so without sounding like a douche ill just see what happens. So anyway to keep with rules. Any REALISTIC offers over $500 would be taken seriously. Not sure if this is in the right place OH and the plates have NEVER been registered to a car, Just on for 1 day for a photoshoot. ^^^ Pic of plates on said photoshoot. 0431242703, Located in melbournes west!
  13. Welding up my internal gate?

    ^^^ Was going to say Get scott to do it, he is in the east! If you were in the west I was going to say bring it down to EDGE MOTORWORKS and Id do it for you
  14. RC Drift cars

    ^^^ thanks for your reply. Sold today anyway for $550
  15. tip tig

    Im totally against this, f**king shit *milkshakes*.