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  1. CA18det turbo package

    Hi everyone, I have up for sale a T25g turbo kit that I was running on my ca18det. It includes both stainless low mount and stock manifolds, braided coolant and oil lines (has one standard coolant line), stainless split dump, new turbo rebuild kit and a t25g turbo off an SR20. No longer needed as I have put on a bigger turbo. Chasing $250 for the lot. Pick-up Brisbane northside.
  2. New member

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum so here's a bit about my build so far. I picked up a Nissan Silvia s13 which was stock as a rock in September last year and have been building it up ever since. Didn't know anything about cars when I first got it but I am learning at a steady pace now. Cosmetic mods so far include: Nismo aero front bar, short shift kit, Dmax led tail lights, crystal front bar indicators and side markers, GTR grill, roof lip and a Dmax boot lip which is yet to be put on.. Performance mods include: front mount intercooler, alloy radiator with twin thermos, 3" exhaust, Greddy t517z, Spitfire coil packs, Adaptronic ecu and loom, 550cc injectors and probably a few other things that I can't think of at the moment. Just need to get a bigger fuel pump now. I am yet to put in the ecu and loom as well as the injectors as I just picked them up the other day along with the t517z and coilpacks. These mods pushed 210rwkw on 18psi on the car I got them off which is around what I was aiming for. I will be running around 10psi until I get forged rods and pistons and a metal headgasket because I am not too sure whether a stock engine could handle 210rwkw safely. Fingers crossed I don't have to touch this turbo for a while after it is hooked up (just need an adapter for the oil line) because I have blown 2 T25's from running too much boost haha. They didn't seem to like going over 12psi lol. First picture is of the day I got it and the others are of it recently. Will get some pictures of the engine bay sometime.