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  1. WTB S13 Drivers side Recaro Rails

    Bump. Urgently required. Will pay for shipping if necessary.
  2. Hey all, Looking for a driver side recaro rail. Located in Metro NSW. Can pick up. Let me know details and pricing and we can go from there. Thanks Migs
  3. Hi all, My nismo catback has a slight kink in the first bend after the cat. Works fine but the exhaust tip is a little more left than I'd like so I've had to bend the last exhaust hanger off the rear muffler so that its edge doesn't rest against the rear quarter. I'm about to put in a new tomei dump since its still running stock at the moment and am looking for front pipe options. Not really wanting to change the catback since it took me so long to find, and with the kink in mind I was thinking of getting a front pipe with a flex bit welded in (currently JJR seem to be the easiest/cheapest option I've found). However, I'm worried about a couple of things: 1) The flex pipes usually hang low so going over big humps might grind away at it. 2) Since the kink is causing such a drastic change to the exhaust tip angle, the flex section might end up forced into a stressed/stretched out position negating most of the benefits of having a flex pipe. SO with those two things in mind, would a flex section even help or am I better off going with a solid 3" front pipe and keeping the hanger the way it is? Thanks
  4. S13 HKS catback, S13 space saver

    Spacers and Stern wheels Sold!
  5. Hi all, All items pickup from Edensor Park in Sydneys west, unless specified otherwise. First up is a custom welded 3" S13 catback exhaust terminating to 2 x HKS cannons (according to JASMA plate). Welded and one piece from the cat flange all the way back. Fitment with hangers made it look close to stock. Don't have a sound file but this was really loud and deep with no centre resonator. I changed to a nismo exhaust which is meant to be really deep but this one is a few levels beyond. $350 pick up. Space saver for an S13. Great condition with original TOYO rubber. $30 pickup Shoot me a PM if interested.
  6. So I decided to take a look at the bulb again as I was changing my dash lights and it looked fine. Fiddled with it and put it back in. Tested everything and then saw smoke... Refer to photo. Looks like that was the culprit. Circuit must've been on the way out and now its completely burnt out. My one thought is to reconnect the circuit with a copper wire but don't want to solder anything onto that thin plastic. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. Hi all, The warning light for having my e-brake up does not light up when the handbrake is pulled. I have checked the wiring at the switch and the switch itself and its not jamming on anything. Checked the bulb and it seemed ok. One thing I did notice is that if I have the handbrake up and switch the key to accessories to check the other warning lights, upon turning the key back to the off position the e-brake warning will faintly blink before turning off with the rest of the dash lights. Doing the same thing with the handbrake down, it doesn't blink. So the switch seems to be working. I'm at a loss of what else it could be. Any ideas?
  8. Garage clean out, Nissan stuff

    DAMNIT! I just put Bilsteins in my car like a week ago. Would've jumped on this 100%. Get on it guys. 1k is a steal for this quality of custom suspension.
  9. WTB: 180sx boot strap

    Hi all, Looking for the boot strap that goes over the carpet. If anyones got one lying around pm me. Cheers!
  10. Looking for some 5 stud hubs with front uprights with necessary holes for the ABS sensor. Send me a PM if you have any available. Thanks
  11. S13 parts clean up

    Will grab those DBA rotors off you. Front and rear. PM incoming.
  12. S13/180SX Standard Exhaust

    Any pics?