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  1. S15 rattle

    i am a mechanic and even for a mechanic its hard to tell what it is i am asking here cause i expect someone knows about same problem
  2. S15 rattle

    Does anyone know what the problem is? this is S15 sr20det sound disappears after 15 sec
  3. this is S15 sr20det sound disappears after 15 sec
  4. hey I'm a single man with good savings its my will if I wana dump 10k for my joy.
  5. I'm thinking about getting wide body kit for my S15 and I got so many question about tires and wheels to match wide body. 1. Does wheels and tires get custom ordered for specific size? 2. If tires get custom ordered than how much more do they charge compare to pre-made? (%) I'm talking about wide tires I'm asking these question cause I want it super wide like +50mm
  6. key fob question for 1999 S15

    thx for info! will try later in future.
  7. key fob question for 1999 S15

    Thx for the reply I found out that pink wang key was an optional fob from nissan with security alarm back in 1999 jan on later model s15s had keyless entry from factory with new key style. they are both nissan parts but I expect they out not compatible each other. If anyone knows how to program new style fob I would love to know just in case I wana purchase all the parts necessary.
  8. Hi I got a JDM 1999 S15 with keyless entry system and I got old style fob. I know different version fob is available for S15 and I wonder if I can get new style fob programmed for my car. I do want to know if the modules required for fobs are different or same. old fob below new fob below
  9. S15 factory amp location

    I believe big box in the middle is amplifier. If this is not amp what is it?
  10. In S15 where is the factory audio amplifier located? plese show me a picture of a factory amp if you can find one.