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  1. S13 Race/Drift Project

    test fitting the widebody rear panels will be cut and pushed an extra +30mm
  2. S13 Race/Drift Project

    Sorting out sizes for the custom defi cluster in the s15 dash -280kph speedo -tachometer -adjustible shiftlight -fuel level -water temp
  3. S13 Race/Drift Project

    ready to weld
  4. S13 Race/Drift Project

    Thinking rb30bottom end and a 25 head but a straight rb25det is still an option at the moment too. To gain wheel clearance when coilovers low, tyres are too big . I'm running 18 x11 + 20s and a 45mm spacers on the rear
  5. S13 Race/Drift Project

    Hey mate. sth brisbane 4300 got lots of ideas , i want something thats able to put down a good track time and also able to get abit silly round qr so far . got new rims , widebody , s15 dash and few other bits and pieces The plan is to go rb25/30 and have around 500hp when its finnished currently tubbing the front and rear guards over the next few days
  6. Paint Jobs

  7. S13 Race/Drift Project

    So it begins ..