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  1. Wanted to Buy R32/33 GTR (Non-V-Spec) complete rear diff, axles and hubs for conversion into a 180SX Preferably the complete set, however will consider individual components. Located Brisbane
  2. Thanks mate, will try to track down a complete set of everything but will certainly keep that in mind
  3. Thanks mate, appreciate the info. Should be standard knuckle so no dramas there. Believe the 32/33 GTR diffs are the same for bolt in purposes, just not V-SPEC which have a hydraulic pump correct? Do you know if the tailshaft needs to be shortened i'm guessing?
  4. Hey, So yeah the diff let go in the 180SX last track day. Thought it was an axle which got me looking into upgrades, and led to a GTR conversion for a reliable rear end. Have done some research about bolting the GTR components into the existing subframe etc. as a 'bolt in' job but can't find some clear answers I'd like answered or some help. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=242401 http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=68345 http://www.hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=395235&st=0 I understand I will need the GTR diff and centre, driveshafts and hubs as the components, using the existing diff rear cover to bolt into the subframe, plus input flange to the tailshaft. Correct? The 180SX is already five stud with skyline rear brakes. Questions about how 'bolt in' this all is? 1. Are the GTR axles the same length as the 180SX 5 bolt axles, will everything bolt up okay with suspension components etc? 2. Tailshaft length using the existing tail shaft (aftermarket and cut for the R154) and 180SX input flange. Will the 180SX input flange bolt into the GTR diff and will the driveshaft length need modified? 3. Are the 32 and 33 GTR diffs the same in term of dimensions and compatibility etc? Or which one do I need Anything else I'm missing there.. Any experience or input would be great. Cheers
  5. Mishimoto Performance Radiator SR20 PS13/RPS13

    Hey mate, keen on this although I'm in Queensland and would have to be posted to 4068. If you want to get a quote we could work something out
  6. Hey, Thought I'd throw up a post as looking at some new rear tyres for the 180. Know there is a recent thread, but didn't really get to the bottom of reviews and a comparison of the selections I'm looking at. Mainly use the car for driver skill and circuit and coffee style events. Looking at the cheaper, second tier range of semi slicks (bang for your buck - not Z221, A050 etc.), and unfortunately I'm on a 19 inch rim for now, but plenty of room and looking at the 275-295 width. Selections I'm looking at as follows. - Toyo R888 (availability difficult in 19) - Nitto NTO1 (availability difficult in 19) - Nitto NT05 - Hankook Z222 RS3 - Federal 595RSRR Comparisons and opinions welcomed.
  7. Thanks mate, wasn't sure whether it would raise the boost at all and lean it out a little maybe with less backpressure
  8. Hey, Recently had the exhaust changed on my 180SX and wondering whether I should have the tune looked at and retouched if needed to be on the safe side, given the increased diameter. Cautious as the car mainly gets tracked and is running near max injector duty cycle. 1.5JZ running 24psi on e85 Old setup: 4' dump and front pipe to 3' cat back (no cat) single cannon muffler New: 4' dump into 3.5' from dump (no cat) and single straight through muffler Cars running haltech boost control and wideband O2 trimming
  9. S15 Battery Relocation Guide

    Thanks for the write-up, great work
  10. Team2j - 2jzs14

    Nice man... let us know how you go with the cooling dramas... same with mine, flushed 52mm rad and twin spal push fans. I can keep it cool on e85 only... temps flare on 98 tho. Interesting gearbox solution, keen to see if that works aye Keep the updates coming 👍
  11. Team2j - 2jzs14

    So close man... Always something to sort out when it hits the dyno tho, hopefully an easy fix. Keep strapping it down and turn up the boost already haha 💪
  12. Team2j - 2jzs14

    Haha yeah I cracked my front bar getting down the driveway last weekend so it was 15mm for me lol Nah, no thread, too much pain and nobody would read it these days lol, pics not hosted etc. sadly. Should PM you some photos tho Keep posting man, been good to follow
  13. Team2j - 2jzs14

    Looks tough, low as at the front Gave mine a hiding this morning at a circuit and coffee... baking third gear to redline with the screamer going is hard to beat haha, bet you're itching for the full tune
  14. Team2j - 2jzs14

    Good to see she's running and going strong mate. I dare say you won't need to rack up the full 1000k's if you're running it in under high load such as at the track - keen to see this on the dyno!! What fuel are you going to run?
  15. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Nah mate, haven't hit the strip before, so will be spectating at Jambo. Do want to head to a couple of test and tunes eventually tho