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  1. The guy i bought the car off said he was told they were Rays, but wasn't sure.. what do you guys thing?? calling all wheelexperts lol.
  2. 180sx not turning over? (SR20DR)

    Here are pics of the condition my leads r in lol
  3. 180sx not turning over? (SR20DR)

    *UPDATE* So I tried the test my buddy told me about, and got no spark in number one. Im yet to try the other 3 plugs, but i doubt they'd be any different. I did some research on how to tell if your plugs are bad then tested them with the multimeter on a 20kOHM setting. followed this guide: plug 1: 5.30 plug 2: 5.05 plug 3: 5.15 plug 4: 5.05 Judging by those figures, and following that guys troubleshooting, I'm assuming the plugs are not the issue, i have since given them a thorough clean with some brake cleaner and a wire brush as they had a lot of black crap on the ends of them. NOW. Next thing i tested were my ignition leads, by the cosmetic condition these are in, it wouldn't surprise me that they're the problem lol. They are obviously old, and torn at the part where you grab to pull em out. (I will attach photos) I found followed the test this guy did: and my results were the following (again, 20kOHM) Lead 1: 215mm - 1.88 Lead 2: 315mm - 2.30 Lead 3: 415mm - 2.90 Lead 4: 555mm - 3.53 I have a feeling it could be my ignition leads lol... anyone know a way to test if it could be my distributer?
  4. 180sx not turning over? (SR20DR)

    My friend said to test if there is a spark by doing the following: Remove the spark plug, then put it into the ignition lead, then earth the spark plug on the rocker cover and turn the key... then i should see a spark if all things are good...? also, is there a way to test if my injectors are stuffed with a multi meter or test light?
  5. Hey guys, so a little while back I posted asking for help as my fuel pump wouldn't work.. The car would crank, but not turn over as there was no petrol getting to the engine bay. I was told it may have run dry and shat itself. So I bought a walbro and installed it. Still had nothing, I then chose to re wire it to the battery with a relay and fuse put into place. Then bam! Fuel started pumping! The buzzing and priming began, and fuel was shooting through the lines in the engine bay. NOW. I go to turn the key from on to start. And... Nothing. Crank, crank, crank, no turn over. "REW REW REW REW REW" Not "REW REW (spark) BROOOOOMMMMM!!!" Haha. Could it be my injectors ? Maybe I'm not getting a spark? (Although I changed the plugs a couple of months back) P.S The car has been sitting in my garage unregistered so it has barely seen the road, also hasn't been started much recently. Could be useful information lol. Thanks in advance guys !
  6. Fuel Pump not priming on my 180sx?

    Just rewired the entire thing... Problem solved lol
  7. Fuel Pump not priming on my 180sx?

    Hooked up 12v to the pump and it works, its a brand new walbro so i expected it too, but its still reassuring. What do you mean by 'do you have an earth?' sorry for the noobish question lol
  8. Fuel Pump not priming on my 180sx?

    Still not fixed.. Anyone?
  9. Fuel Pump not priming on my 180sx?

    So I tried bridging, also tried using a working relay. But still nothing. I'm getting power at the pump when I check with the multi so that's a good sign I guess.. Still trying to figure out where the problem lies. Any other ideas ?
  10. Fuel Pump not priming on my 180sx?

    Changed relay. Still nothing Fuse is fine
  11. Hey guys.. So basically i was working on my car like 2 weeks ago, and didn't realise how little petrol I had in it. I left it running then it suddenly died as it ran out of petty (stupid of me I know) anyways. I left the car for a week to find that when I came back.. There was no fuel pumping. (Yes I did refill it after it ran dry..) There was no priming when I turned to acc. No nothing. I checked power at the pump with a multi meter and had power. My friend came over to diagnose it and said that perhaps it ran dry and shit itself. (Was an Aeroflow.. Apparently they are junk) So I just bought a new walbro GSS342 and installed it last night. And still nothing. No priming or anything. Any suggestions ? Keep in mind that I am horrible with electronics and don't understand the slang haha. People r saying to bridge the relay etc etc and I don't even know. Haha. Please help Thanks

    someone help me! i need some WORKING rear belts for my 180sx.. just gotta pass a roadworthy thanks
  13. Hey guys, so i posted a topic about this yesterday but I think i have narrowed it down to my blower motor being faulty. All the lights on my AC Control unit are coming on when i select them which is good, But when i select the fan speed nothing happens. (Keep in mind the ac components in the engine bay have been taken out, this shouldn't matter though..) Iv located the blower motor and the fan speed resistor. The guy i bought the car off said i needed a new resistor, but I'm just wanting to know if there is a way i can test this before buying anything.. thanks guys
  14. Hey guys, so I took my car to get a roadworthy today and one of the things it failed on was the front De mister not working. The car has no AC components in the engine bay, and I was told by the mechanic it would only need a fan or something... The ac control unit in the dash is all plugged in and lights up so that's working. My question is, what do I need to do to make it work? What components will I need to buy? Is the fan all that I need? Thanks guys
  15. Hey guys, so my 180 is having trouble starting... The battery that came with it was rooted so I bought a new one (this one is a bit smaller than the other one, hoping this isn't the problem) but after replacing, I'm noticing that it keeps telling me it needs to be recharged. I jump start it, let it run for a bit then the next day it's dead again. Could it be my alternator ??? Thanks in advance