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  1. Make : MITSUBISHI LANCER Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 84000 Price : $33,000 Condition : Used For sale is my Evo 9. I am the second owner, I purchased it stock. Full service history. Serviced every 5000km and all diff / gearbox fluids changed according to schedule.. It has had the timing belt / water pump / etc. all done recently - so you're saving yourself over a grand there by not having to do them at 100k. Also has a brand new battery Never been tracked thrashed or abused. More power potential with more fueling. Only running 23psi boost, Turbo is good for 26-28. Comes with a stack of spare and aftermarket parts and bonus goodies that i will supply to the buyer who meets my price. I reckon i have probably close to 1.5k worth of bits and pieces and spares for this thing and i would rather not have to sell it all. So you get that too! bonus General: Colour: Red Odometer: 83800~ km Build Date: Oct 2005. First reg Jan or Feb 06. Power: 260kw on 98 / 290kw on E-Flex, both @ 23psi. Price: $34000 negotiable within reason. Contact: email kaitingey@tpg.com.au, phone 0414864495. Best bet is email or mobile, i'm not on here much so i may miss any PM's. No test pilots, time wasters or low ballers please. Wheels / Suspension: SSR Professor SP1 with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy 2. Tyres are quite new. MR Bilsteins Swift Spec R springs Whiteline adjustable HD rear sway bar Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment kit Whiteline Bump Steer Correction kit DBA 4000 rotors front and rear Elig 2021 pads Engine / Drivetrain: BBK full turbo ARC Induction box PSR Silicone Intake TurboXS Intercooler Forge Type RS BOV (recirculated) Invidia dump pipe TurboXS full 3" exhaust Walbro 255 fuel pump HKS EVC 5 boost controller Meek lower intercooler pipe Meek turbo outlet FIC 1050cc Injectors NPC custom HD organic clutch SKR tune dual map 98 / E-Flex (Tephra V7) Interior / Exterior: Single DIN gauge set. VDO gauges flush mounted in 42 draft designs panel. Water, oil temp and boost. Ralliart carbon fiber stereo surround Alpine CDA-137 EBT head unit w. Bluetooth media streaming, hands free, USB, mp3 direct ipod, all the good stuff. Jaycar kevlar front speakers AEM Uego wideband w. serial connection (located in ash tray for easy access) Short Antenna Resart fire extinguisher bracket ABE 1.25kg Extinguisher Binary seat lowering brackets (drivers side) Carbing shift knob
  2. s15 or evo 7/8

    why cause it contradicts your opinion? all those 300kw+ evo's running on stock ecus, intercoolers, cams, etc. also do, go argue with them. Evo turbo is good for over 250kw on E85. Brad on here made i think it was 270 or 280 on a standard evo 6 turbo. And unless something has radically changed since i had a 200, you're going to need to replace your ECU to run a dual map set up on a Nissan. evo's dont really get expensive til they break. fixing a diff or a clutch is a problem.
  3. s15 or evo 7/8

    former S14a owner, current Evo 9 owner. S14 had 240rwkw when i sold out, evo was bog stock when i bought it and it still felt faster. Just a totally different car to drive. You just have to drive both and decide which you like more. Tail out shenanigans aren't my thing so i obviously much prefer the Evo. evo is the pick for budget mods, only because it's so well equipped from the factory. Saying mods are less common or more expensive is a lie. CT9A Evos are everywhere in the US, just means you buy american instead of japanese parts. IMO it's (much) cheaper on the evo because you dont need as much stuff to achieve the same result. You'll never need to change the ECU. Evo ECU is amazing. Stock intercooler is good up to 300kw. etc. you're gonna be pushing to do much with 20k. you'd be looking at an evo 7 and you wont get much change if any. Up your budget to 25 and you're better off. If you can source an evo 8 in your budget, do that. The 4G in the 7's has weaker rods. Basically exhaust, fuel pump, retune, done. Dont even need a boost controller, buy a 3 port and swap out the standard solenoid. Shit even the standard one will do it, it just doesn't hold boost as well up top and you'll get taper. If you want E85 you need bigger injectors too. That's about it though - you can run dual map on stock ECU, use the auto ICS as a toggle. If there's no E85 around, run it close to dry, swap maps with a button press and go to 98. no worries. i f**king love my evo haha.
  4. this pretty much sums up the people who complain about this sort of stuff
  5. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    go here http://wolfshirtextremist.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/brolic-13-sail/ download mix ???? profit. tracklist: Kitty Corliss – The Intro Pharoah Monche – Damage Maundz – Maundzilla Action Bronson – A Simple Man DJ Khaled – Hip Hop ft. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier Locksmith – Devils Lasso Stu Bangas – Half Dead ft. Apathy, Planet Asia & Roc Marciano Buckshot & 9th Wonder – What I Gotta Say Sean Price – Swine on Pineapples Lil Fame – Misery The Pharcyde – Ya Mama (UK Remix) Shad – Out Here DJ Numark – Tonight ft. J Live & Erica Dee Epidemic – Past the Margin ft. Estee Nack & Purpose Wu Tang Clan – Rivers of Blood ft. Kool G Rap Shaz Illyork – Blitz Creek ft. Effyoo Common – No Sellout Slum Village & Mick Boogie – Hunger ft. Vice & Focus Raekwon – Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) KrazyDrayz – Rudeboy ft. Smif N Wessun Typical Cats – The Gordeon Knock Brother Ali – Namesake Chino XL – Closer to God ft. DJ Romes Action Bronson – Sylvester Lundgren ft. Meyhem Lauren & AG Da Coroner Vinnie Paz – Cheesesteaks Starvin B – 99% Apollo Brown & OC – Just Walk Snowgoons – Hook Ikon ft. Tragedy Khadafi Dirty Diggs – Pirate Aura ft. Planet Asia & Killa Kali Maffew Ragazino – BK Accent ft. Skyzoo Roc Marciano – Thugs Prayer pt. 2 Young Zee & Mr. Green – Those Dayz Labba – World Famous ft. Sean Price & Meyhem Lauren L’Orange – The Mad Writer ft. yU Danny Brown – Grown Up
  6. Rota wheels a problem?

    they are ok for street wheels, keep them away from the track. Lots of dudes in the US use them for track rims cause they are cheap, and then you get all these threads on evom and similar sites saying "my rota's cracked" "rota bent" etc. etc. cause they are using them for shit they shouldnt be used for. Personally i'd buy some RPF-01s. Quality light weight rim that comes in good offsets and you can get a set of 18x9.5's for like $1500 or something. Cant go wrong.
  7. Hitler rants about Triple J

    Hack is the best thing on JJJ. Probably the best thing on radio in Australia. the music... hit and miss. mostly miss. JJJ has a definite "sound", which kind of sucks because in order to go anywhere - you need to be picked up by JJJ, which means you need to have a JJJ sound, which means everyone sounds the f**king same.
  8. aussie hip hop

    for serious though, this is an amazing clip. I knew what the plan was for some time but actually seeing it makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Awesome to see so many artists all getting involved. also there's a big framed.. umm... frame.. filled with polaroids everyone took and signed, it's being auctioned off on ebay with the proceeds going to charity.
  9. aussie hip hop

    2:53 incredible clip though.
  10. aussie hip hop

    ^ on that note, if you're in Melbourne - get along to this. Big show saturday night. Epic hip hop all stars footy match on the sunday (eastern states v WA & SA) http://roberthuntercup.com/
  11. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    timing belt is pricey just like any car, i'm about to do mine and i reckon it's gonna be at least $1200., that's Timing belt, alternator belt and new water pump (might as well do it all while it's apart) plus labour. It may come to more but i reckon that's a safe estimate. Mine's at 75,000km but it's up to you if you consider KM to be a problem or not. Pretty bullet proof cars, as long as everything's been maintained you're fine. You'll pay less for a high km model. Things to look out for - faded brembos - means it's spent some time on a race track. Not a big deal if the owner has maintained it properly, but if a guy says his never raced it - and the brembos are faded to f**k - you know he's lying. - AYC pump / diff - do a few slalom turns and make sure you dont hear any weird whining / moaning from the back end. They aren't cheap to replace, but they aren't really that common a fault. People tend to kill the AYC diffs on race tracks or launching the car. - If it's 8MR or 9, make sure 5th and 6th engage properly. The taller gears in the 6 speed are a bit more fragile than the 5 speed. - fluid changes. make sure the diff fluids have all been changed at the proper intervals. - clunking noise in front suspension at low speed - NFI. So many of them do it, it's just become accepted haha. I think it's something under the car knocking something else. Could also be loosish strut top nuts, worn suspension components, or bung shocks. If everything checks out and it still makes a clunk, it's probably just the notorious evo front end clunking noise. that's probably about it, i've had my 9 a few years and have had 0 issues with it.
  12. Wheel fitment GC8 STi

    sweet, cheers. will that give enough inner clearance for coilovers?
  13. Gday guys i dont know how active this forum is but i'll take a shot. Got a mate with an MY00 classic shape STi looking for new rims. What's the best fitment for rims? he wants to run an 18. Aggressive is better but i dont think he'll want to do much work to the guards, so basically whatever will fit without a pull. I think his rears are rolled, fronts are not. He has tein SS coilies so some camber is doable.
  14. Will 18x9.5 +20mm fit evo 7

    18x9.5 +22 is a pretty common fitment for evo - so you shouldn't have a drama with +20, just run some neg camber and with the rears rolled you should be good.
  15. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    yeah but all you have to do is stick an exhaust and boost controller on an S15 and it'll shit all over it's former self. To make any sort of power from an NA car is a lot harder.