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  1. 1996 180sx airbag light 😡

    Thanks for the reply. I found the module wasnt plugged in properly. Now ive got a solid light coming on and im in the process of fixing that now so im one step closer 👍👍 if you have pointers for that, awesome! but i believe theres already a lot of info on here about that. Thanks again mate, champion.
  2. 1996 180sx airbag light 😡

    Here are some photos of the cluster
  3. Im currently trying to get my 1996 sr20det 180sx registered. In my list of things to fix for the rwc is my airbag light. It has the stock airbag and wheel installed from when i got it. The problem is the "airbag" light on the dash doesnt illuminate at all ! I noticed a 3amp fuse missing under the bonnet in the fuse box so i started there and put one in but still no light . Removed the airbag to check its plugged in properly, was fine. So ended up checking behind the dash cluster to find the globe was missing.not having a spare i pinched a globe from one of the indactors. Got nothing, so i then tried the globe from the open door light and still got nothing. Ive checked all fuses in the car to see if by any chance its causing the issue. Im really unsure what im looking at on the back of the cluster 😧 so any help would be sweet Ive been told by the guy doing the rwc it needs to light up for a few seconds then go out. Im pulling my hair out wondering whats wrong with the thing !!! If anyone has pointers please let me know. Cheers daniel
  4. Nissan Silvia S13 in New Zealand

    WOW this looks clean as! nice one mate!. look forward to seeing this in the future!
  5. Bought a 1996 180sx earlier in the year and now trying to get around to getting this thing in the road im not the best mechanically but its all a learning experience for me. Have some basic knowledge but thats about it. Came with a few mods like a front mount, coilovers, full xforce exhaust,better intake, odyssy battery.. which is deadeded. Other then that . All stock. Im in need of some stock suspension to get past the rwc and vic road pits. So if your selling some pleeeaaase let me know.. or if you want to lend a set to me for a little that would be mint ill post a few pics for you guys to have a squiz !