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  1. 350z Xunliao bay

    Thanks, Yes, i'm from Alice Springs NT originally but have been based around Asia with a bit of work across India for the last four years or so.
  2. 350z Xunliao bay

    IMG_1080 by EL Sammo, on Flickr The jump worked out all ok, EVO6 rally car with quite firm suspension setup lands really well once we had the distance and speed worked out. Here's a short video i made of final testing of all the vehicles where i manged to crash the ZX6R playing around. Everything is all running smoothly now with the show choreographed and finalised i can relax and go find a warm beach somewhere to go diving for a while. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and video and have a great day.
  3. 350z Xunliao bay

    20140929_110954 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140929_110949 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140929_095400 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140930_122107 by EL Sammo, on Flickr A few bits and pieces broke during testing, engine mounts tore out,tail shaft let go and one engine spun a big end. Mostly down to high km vehicles and the drivers being a little rough as they get used to the cars.
  4. 350z Xunliao bay

    Here is some pictures from a quick throw together of a 350z i built in xunliao bay, china. Some background information before anyone pulls their hair out and gets angry due to me hacking up a car with farming tools and wrecking everything in its path!! The contracter in this case was building a new show arena to do a live performance show ie cars, bikes etc. I was onboard as a consult to advise on vehicle type and specification, ashphalt size etc etc, then to build and test the vehicles. This is the kind of thing i have been doing for around nine years now for movie production roles and contractors who want help in planning, designing etc stunt shows or a scene of some kind. I have done a lot of different locations but mainly been around china over the last five years as it is a very rapidly growing motorsport market with a lot of newly rich people buying exotic cars and bikes. I am mainly involved in the motorcycle side of things as a stunt rider, racetrack instructor and also managed the kawasaki superbike racing team for a while and still work for them when time allows such as the macau GP, i was a car mechanic for six years and used to drive a bit, but it has been quite a few years away from them so interesting to be back on four wheels. Anyway pictures say a thousand words so here you go! Arena area concreted, kept the area to a 140m x 80m rectangle so the crowd can see action the entire time, biggest complaint from racetrack events was crowd members getting bored waiting between laps etc. More room would be good from a driving/riding point of view but this is still very usable. 20140915_100942 by EL Sammo, on Flickr Ashphalt lay went very well, no heavy vehicles or high load traffic meant we could get the roadbase built and level very quickly without too much preperation. Most of the cost in laying a normal road is ground prep but for something like this all you need is a level surface of medium clay type soil, something to keep in mind if you are looking at land to build a fun driving pad on!! 20140918_165821 by EL Sammo, on Flickr So once that was done we needed to source two reliable rear wheel drive cars for the "drift" part of the performance, the show is aimed at family groups and crowd entertainment so nothing really hardcore but the cars need to be reliable and used on a day to day basis and easy to drive for different drivers. Found a couple of 350z that seem to be crash damaged cars from the US then rebuilt (poorly) within china. China import laws are very strict they want you to buy a chinese car rather than import one so it can be very difficult to find decent cars. They had a massive amount of underbody damage and had been pulled straight and re assembled. 20140924_170019 by EL Sammo, on Flickr The workshop area was still being built but we had a roof and ran electricity lines so we could get started and get the cars completed in the timeframe we had to work with. Locked diff centre, Arc welder is quite good for outdoor windy conditions where you cant use a gas type welder properly, crank the welder up as high as it will go and get it done! Clean the centre properly first and be careful to clean all the slag off and your sorted. 20140918_093145 by EL Sammo, on Flickr Hydraulic handbrake install, i ran this very simply by removing the rear brake line from the original master cylinder and running it direct to the handbrake master. Foot master only operates front brakes when this is done but for a tight area it is fine and some of the show routine needs left foot braking so this works ideally and is very simple to install and bleed. This used a 3/4 bore master cylinder which i found too stiff so added a 300mm handle extension and now it is ideal. If you have big tough *milkshake* arms maybe it would be fine as it was. 20140919_120816 by EL Sammo, on Flickr Removed any weight that wasn't necesarry, including a massive 15kg steel weight that was on the left front chassis rail? I'm assuming some kind of vibration damper? With that, the stereo, rear muffler and some other bits and pieces we easily dropped 30kg off the car, in the motorcycle world this is amazing to lose so much so easily!! Filled the stereo hole with some very artistic cardboard. 20141020_163045 by EL Sammo, on Flickr Added 5mm rack spacers and shaved 15mm off the lockstops for a little more steering lock, cut one coil from the springs to drop the ride height a little and did a basic wheel alignment. Car needs all the bushes etc replaced throughout and a would like an oil cooler but management and budget means it will stay as it is as long as its driveable, at the end of the day its just for display shows not competition. 20140918_170904 by EL Sammo, on Flickr As soon as i started test driving the car it was getting hot in the small area we had, i removed the air con system and cut the front bumper intake open about 50% bigger to gain some airflow through the radiator, glued some mesh in the intake to stop small children and birds from being inhaled. This worked great and none we can cane the arse out of the car all day with no over heating at all. 20140924_112909 by EL Sammo, on Flickr Also measured up and started building a 45 ft ramp to ramp jump for the rally car to do, but more on that later. I planned it with smooth edges for some kind of "safety" but the concreter simply made it sharp anyway as it was easier! China is like that but i love it here. 20140911_164309 by EL Sammo, on Flickr That's enough for today, hope you enjoy and i will be back on later with all the destruction and breakages that go with testing and setting up a new show. Have a great day.
  5. Hello!

    I will dig up some photos and make a build thread later today if time allows, cheers!
  6. Nizzpro Performance & Better Loans 350z

    Nice! Look forward to more pictures and information on this.
  7. Great job on the new formed sections, looking very tidy.
  8. Hello!

    Thanks, i cannot post in the other sections yet i'm assuming as a new member restriction. The build was a bit agricultural but we worked with what we had and made it happen, its very restricted where we are for importing cars and parts as there is huge import tax to encourage people to buy locally made products. That and china and japan are still really pissed off with each other over the whole rape of nanking thing that went down a while back.
  9. Hello!

    The upside was that i had a great supply of ashtrays, i don't smoke but if i start i'm well prepared. Also threw out the stereo and some other bits and pieces, who needs music when you can listen to big ends rocking out instead, they party hard. 20141028_123309 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20141020_163045 by EL Sammo, on Flickr
  10. Hello!

    A few problems arose when i started letting the young mechanics drive the cars, most of them had very little driving experience so they were a little rough on the gear but it was a great way to test for any weak points! 20140929_110954 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140929_110949 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140929_095400 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140930_122107 by EL Sammo, on Flickr
  11. Hello!

    Thankyou for the offer, but unless there has been some huge progress in science and medicine it may not be possible. And you didn't even take me to dinner! I think we're moving too fast.
  12. Hello!

    Hi everyone, been using this forum to find out some car setup info and enjoyed a lot of the build up threads and pictures. I'm Sam, thirty one years old originally from australia but now live and work in china. Mainly involved in motorcycle related activities but have recently become involved in some other projects involving cars and setting up two 350z drift cars, not for competiton but used in daily performance shows at a stunt arena. The project was quite big including laying the bitumen surface etc but here's some quick photos of the 350z cars, theres a green softop also but i prefer the white hardtop. Have great day. 20140924_112909 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140919_120816 by EL Sammo, on Flickr 20140924_162521 by EL Sammo, on Flickr