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  1. thanks so much to all u peeps who replied i ended up biting the bullet n paid alot more than i would of liked to and went to a shop front to get them to decide my fait lol .... spot on skepticism hyper disk will do the trick and i ended up getting 18x9 dont understand wat offset lol but the shop recons theyll fit no problem with not much poke outside the guard but minor camber which isnt so bad... worst part to my ending they are being made to order in japan n ordering so close to christmas i wont be recieving them till mid january all good im hangin so much im purchasing other wheels to get me through till then lol thanks again peeps
  2. ok guys need your help please new to this site and forums in general ... need to know what size and offset rim will suit my s15 best ... i would love to buy ssr professor sp3 in spectrum silver but all the sizes and offset and other numbers mean nothing to me as i dont understand what it all means lol... basically i have hks coilovers brembo brakes and a lot of suspension aftermarket arms that are all adjustable ... so i need to know what size and offset will clear my brakes and ill get a nice tuck look under the guards but still very functional with out scrubbing on anything ... btw i have stock guards all round any help would be fantastic thatnks a bunch in advance!!!!!