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  1. anyone know if a s13 5speed manual box will fit straight onto my s14?
  2. WTB s14 rear bumper

    all good mate, got one
  3. hey guys my gearbox blew on me a week ago and i really need a replacement asap. i know this should b in WTB but im hoping mods can leave it up here to speed up the process as im desperate to get my car back on the road. its an s14 so any 5 speed sr box will do, i think. can someone advise me if a s13 5 speed box will match up?as far as i know it should b the same thanks
  4. WTB:s14 gearbox

    I'm looking for a second hand sr20 manual gearbox, let me know if u can help. Cheers
  5. does anyone know of a wrecker where i can get some s14 body parts? i need a series 1 bonnet and rear bar. anywhere in melbourne ?
  6. WTB s14 rear bumper

    im looking for a s14 rear bumper (in vic) would b good if its maroon in colour. let me know if u can help
  7. WTB s14 steering wheel

    hey guys im looking for a s14 series 1 luxury steering wheel. i need it asap so i can get a rwc. please help!!!
  8. place to get roadworthy

    or anywhere in s.e. suburbs? or anywhere in melb area?
  9. can anyone recommend a place to get a roadworthy in knox area
  10. RWC question

    does anyone know if ill get a roadworthy with a shroud over my pod filter? or do i need to get factory airbox back on to pass it
  11. na. where r they? found em, cheers mate
  12. anyone know of a wrecker or parts recycler around knox. i need some standard parts for my s14. ive called a few places but none seem to have s14 stuff, or the stuff i need. im after a steering wheel(with airbag), a stock exhaust and an airbox snorkel. thanx guys
  13. anyone know if a standard airbag steering wheel off a series 2 R33 will fit my series 1 s14?
  14. hey mate, do u know if it will fit a series 1 s14?
  15. i need a standard exhaust and airbag steering wheel for my s14 ASAP. i really need to get this car back on the road! cheers